Tom Barrett bitch-slapped -- literally -- after conceding Wisconsin recall [VIDEO]

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Scott Walker wasn't the only 'Sconnie laying the smack down on Tom Barrett last night.
Last night, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett got bitch-slapped twice -- once by Scott Walker, and a second time by a supporter.

Moments after Barrett conceded the recall election, an upset supporter let Barrett have it with an open palm to the face. Her beef? That Barrett conceded the election just after 10 p.m., while many folks were still trying to vote.

The woman approached Barrett as he worked the crowd following a concession speech where he was serenaded with boos for saying "I just got off the phone with Governor Walker and congratulated him on his victory tonight." She reportedly asked him, "Can I slap you?" Barrett replied that he'd prefer a hug, and leaned in for one, but the woman smacked him in the face nonetheless.

Barrett's head visibly jerks back from the slap, but he literally takes it in stride and continues to shake hands and dole out hugs just second after the woman lets him have it.

Here's the video:

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