Twins' equipment staff mega-fails, misspells pitcher Jeff Manship's name on jersey

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Apparently, Jostens isn't the only local company badly in need of a copy-editor.

If you thought the Twins equipment staff might be immune to the franchise-wide malaise that has seemingly afflicted the organization since late 2010, think again.

Last night, pitcher Jeff Manship took the mound during the sixth inning of the Twins' eventual 4-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals with the name "Mansihp" printed on the back of his jersey. #MegaFail writer Rhett Bollinger reported that Manship's bullpen colleagues were laughing at him while he was warming up in the bullpen, but Manship didn't realize the error until he had completed his scoreless inning of relief.

Maybe the Twins equipment folks should be cut a little slack -- Manship, a 27-year-old right-hander who has bounced back-and-forth between the big leagues and Class AAA Rochester since he debuted for the Twins in 2009, was just recalled from the minors on May 27, and Wednesday night was only his second appearance of the season.

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And this, " was just called up recalled from the minors on May 27", these people cannot write properly, and it is becoming the office running joke.

Bill Crosby
Bill Crosby

Between Jostens and now this...Minnesotans must look like a bunch of idiots.


Not only that. One of the links to this story leads to a different story. True story. 


City Pages needs a copy editor, too. MMT takes a (less-then) three hour tour through 'Gilligan's Island' Right there on your home page.

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