Vikings' Jerome Felton, arrested for DWI in McDonald's drive-thru, was lovin' it too much

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Felton was apparently driving erratically enough to be reported to police at 3 a.m. while in a McDonald's drive-thru.
After a night of drinking, Vikings fullback Jerome Felton wanted to take some McDonald's home with him.

Regrettably, instead of a bag of greasy food, Felton was served two gross misdemeanors with a side of careless driving.

Felton, 25 and the leading candidate to start as Adrian Peterson's primary blocker in the 2012 Minnesota Vikings backfield, was arrested for driving while intoxicated around 3 a.m. Saturday morning while waiting in a drive-thru lane at an Eden Prairie McDonald's. Police were called to the scene after one of Felton's fellow late-night fast-food aficionados noticed that he had been lovin' his booze a bit too much to be behind the wheel.

Officers conducted field sobriety tests on Felton, but the four-year NFL veteran refused to submit to a breathalyzer. His refusal, combined with a second-degree driving while intoxicated charge, scored him one gross misdemeanor. The other stems from being charged with DWI within a decade of a previous DWI conviction. Felton also faces a misdemeanor careless driving charge.

Felton was booked into the Hennepin County Jail just before 6 a.m. and was released around noon after posting $12,000 bond. His first court appearance is scheduled for July 18.

In March, Felton and the Vikings agreed to a one-year, $700,000 contract. That's the league minimum, but it's still enough to cover a taxi or a fridge full of groceries. Pioneer Press Vikings beat writer Jeremy Fowler tweeted last night that he thinks Felton will remain with the team -- unlike former Vikings running back Caleb King, who was released after nearly beating a man to death outside a party in late April -- but in a statement, the Vikings said they won't comment on Felton's situation right now.

According to information compiled by the San Diego Union-Tribune, since last August, Vikings players have accounted for five of the 32 arrested or cited NFL players. There are 32 NFL teams, so our local gridiron heroes have engaged in more than their share of criminal activity.

In other words, since training camp began last season, the Vikings have won three games and had five players cited or arrested -- not exactly a ratio that makes you want to rush out and buy a Christian Ponder jersey.

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What happened to athleticism being a builder of sound mind in sound body?  There is little healthy about NFL sports today.  And still we support it. . .

Dr. J
Dr. J

Figures..a football player AND an african american.


Holy Crap!  Apparently you CAN get arrested if you're an NFL player in this state.

I didn't think it was possible.

Dance4joy Mom
Dance4joy Mom

Regarding athleticism; when did the element of dscipline and dedication to one's sport not factor into the equation? Sad. One can enjoy a night out for a couple of drinks, but shame to get shitty-face drunk and deteriorate into an irresponsible driver. What happened to the awareness of representing your team as a professional? Or of being a good role model? I agree with your post Anjh.


Oh please, get off your high horse people. Average people get DWI's every second in this state. We all know people who have had them. Not to say that it is ever excusable, but it's not some horrible problem that only the NFL has. 


 Speak for yourself.  I wish they HAD left so I wouldn't be stuck footing the bill for a new stadium and having to explain to my son why the rules don't apply to some people in the world.

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