WCCO anchor Mike Binkley's bike stolen during Bike Walk to Work Day

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This ended up being the last time Binkley saw him shiny new Trek, unfortunately.
WCCO's Mike Binkley experienced one of the potential downsides to bike commuting last Friday during Bike Walk to Work Day.

Shortly after filming a segment trumpeting the fact the morning news anchor biked to WCCO's downtown Minneapolis newsroom before sunrise -- complete with footage of him locking his bike along Marquette Avenue with a cable lock -- Binkley returned outside and realized his silver and blue Trek 2.1C had been heisted.

"I guess the cable lock didn't work," Binkley said. "Those are pretty easy to cut, I now know."

With more and more Minneapolitans biking, it isn't surprising that more and more bikes are being stolen. According to KARE 11, there were 56 reported incidences of bike theft through the first three months of this year, compared to just eight reports during the same timeframe in 2011.

Apparently Binkley and some of his fellow riders would be well advised to spend a few less bucks on their bikes and use the savings for a more-reliable-than-cable U-lock.

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