Annie Stensrud, KEYC Mankato "drunk broadcast" anchor, sentenced to probation

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The "drunk broadcast" wasn't the end of Stensrud's problems, unfortunately.
-- Annie Stensrud, KEYC Mankato "drunk broadcast" anchor, charged with DWI
-- KEYC Mankato anchor Annie Stensrud arrested for DWI
-- KEYC Mankato anchor Annie Stensrud breaks silence on her "drunk broadcast" [VIDEO]

It was a rough winter for Annie Stensrud, the 28-year-old former TV news anchor at Mankato's KEYC whose "drunk broadcast" went viral last December.

Stensrud initially attributed her on-air compromised state to medication she was taking, but that became harder to believe when she was pulled over during the middle of day a couple weeks later for driving erratically and blew a ridiculous 0.31 -- nearly four times the legal limit. This week, she was sentenced to two years of probation after pleading guilty to third-degree DWI.

Probation sucks, but losing your job is arguably worse, and Stensrud was cut loose by CBS-owned KEYC sometime last winter. She never made another appearance on KEYC news following the broadcasting-while-drunk incident.

In addition to probation, Stensrud received a stayed one year jail sentence, which she'll be able to avoid if she follows the conditions of her probation. She was also ordered to pay $1,015 in fines and fees.

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