Burrito assault: Adams man charged for allegedly using Mexican cuisine as weapon

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HANSEN Troy Dean newphoto.jpg
Photo courtesy of Mower County Sheriff's Department.
Troy Hansen allegedly assaulted a woman with a burrito.
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An Adams, Minnesota man tossed a burrito at a woman Tuesday night and was charged with gross misdemeanor domestic assault in Mower County District Court, according to the Albert Lea Tribune.

Adams police and a Mower County sheriff's deputy reportedly went to a home on Fourth Street NW in Adams after 9 p.m. Tuesday for a report of a domestic dispute. When they arrived, they saw that Troy Hansen had apparently thrown a burrito at the woman, with the toppings littering her head and right shoulder.

Hansen had asked the woman for a cigarette and got angry when she refused, the complaint said. He then pushed her plate off the bed and threw her burrito at her, hitting her in the head.

The complaint said further that Hansen admitted to having approximately six pints of beer. He was given a breath test and registered a .254 blood alcohol content.

Sadly, this is not the only recent report of a Minnesota crime allegedly involving a burrito.

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Kyle Kari
Kyle Kari

he was still stoned and it was all he had. Dumb ass

Restaurant Fling
Restaurant Fling

He really got charged with a crime for tossing a burrito at someone?

Matt Nelson
Matt Nelson

Since when do burritos have toppings? You fill a burrito, duh.

Candi Olson
Candi Olson

a guy threw a hot sandwich at my face in high school. school didnt give a crap. i found another school to go to.

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