Carlos Gomez, former Twin, blasts foul ball, takes home run trot [VIDEO]

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Fair or foul, Gomez likes to trot.
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Carlos Gomez has always been an exciting, albeit flawed, player.

For example, in 2008, his first of two season with the Twins, Gomez utilized his blazing speed to the tune of an MLB-leading 30 bunt hits and made many spectacular grabs in center field. His speed, high-energy approach, and last name resulted in manager Ron Gardenhire nicknaming him "Go-Go." But on the flipside, that same season Gomez was picked off an MLB-leading 10 times and also had the most errors of all center fielders.

Gomez was traded to the Brewers prior to the 2010 season, and he's still up to his old tricks in Milwaukee, as evidenced by this video of him spacing out yesterday and galloping around the bases in a full home-run trot... after he hit a foul ball.

Possibly tired from all that running, Gomez struck out on the very next pitch. But while it'll go down in the record books as just another K, at least Go-Go earned some style points in the process of failing.

Without further ado, Here's the footage:

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