Chris Fields: "Keith Ellison is militantly anti-America"

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Fields, in a City Pages interview, said of Ellison: "Looking at his career and the things that he's done, his career life and politics are the result of a teenage rebellion gone awry."
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Chris Fields' chances of beating Keith Ellison this November are roughly the same as Kurt Bills' chances of winning an Emmy for best narration -- in other words, it ain't happening.

Nonetheless, Fields is taking the fight to Ellison, first in a City Pages interview last month and now in a new fundraising message where describes Ellison as "militantly anti-America."

Here's part of Fields' message (emphasis his):
Ellison square.JPG
Dear Patriot,

While I was fighting on a battlefield in Iraq, my opponent was doing everything he could to cut funding for the war and the soldiers fighting it.

Keith Ellison is militantly anti-America. He attacked the Pledge of Allegiance, voted countless times to throw our troops serving in harm's way to the wolves and teamed up with Barney Frank to destroy the banking industry. Not surprisingly, he's the proud co-chairman of the radical Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Is this the type of man you want representing you in Congress? It's not who I want! That's why, after retiring from the Marine Corps less than one year ago, I'm challenging Keith Ellison and his anti-American agenda.

Will you stand with me to bring common sense, American values back to Washington? Please... make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to my campaign.
Tim Murphy, in a Mother Jones piece about the "anti-America" line, reminds us that before we dismiss Fields as a doesn't-have-a-chance fringe candidate, we should keep in mind that he secured the MNGOP's backing.

"Fields doesn't stand a chance against Ellison; Democrats hold a 22-point edge in the distict and Cook Political Report rates the seat a 'solid D.' But he's still the representative of the state GOP in this race, and was endorsed by the party convention," Murphy writes.

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