Dave Wellstone calls Kurt Bills' homage to his father "completely disrespectful"

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Kurt Bills, you're no Paul Wellstone.
-- "Quick Kurt" Bills pays homage to "Fast Paul" Wellstone in new ad [VIDEOS]
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Kurt Bills views his new "Quick Kurt" ad as an homage to a candidate who, like him, was a major underdog when running for U.S. Senate.

But Dave Wellstone, son of legendary senator Paul Wellstone, doesn't think a Republican has any business trying to use his father's legacy at the expense of Amy Klobuchar.

Shortly after Bills' campaign released his ad yesterday, Dave Wellstone replied with a statement.

Bills' ad "is completely disrespectful of my dad's memory," Wellstone wrote.

He added:
Kurt Bills' economic policies are the polar opposite of what my dad stood for. Amy Klobuchar has fought for middle-class families and does things the way my dad did them -- with optimism, warmth, and an unending respect for the people of Minnesota.
Ouch. Well, Kurt, if for your next ad, you'd like to mimic someone a little closer to you on the ideological spectrum, you could always refer back to Ron Paul's testosterone-fueled, monster truck-rally reminiscent "Big Dog" ad from this winter. "Big Dog Bills" has more of a ring to it than "Quick Kurt" anyway.

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Brian Mazur
Brian Mazur

Kurt Bills is a populist like Wellstone, not just another party hack like Klobuchar

Keith Morioka
Keith Morioka

Wow Tony. Just like the Tea Partiers, "I don't like someone, so I'm just going to call them names, and really show my intelligence! That will show them!"

Eliza Lathrop
Eliza Lathrop

On a recent trip from DC i mey Amy Klobuchar at the airport, she is exactly how Dave Wellstone describes her. We boarded the same flight back to the twin cities and i was surprised to see her sit in the coach section, just a few rows away from where i sat. She is humble, compassionate, and extremely smart

Jeremy Vinar
Jeremy Vinar

Go drink some more Tea, Tony. I hear Fox News is running another special about liberals taking your constitutional rights away.

Eric Shawn Smith
Eric Shawn Smith

Agreed. How distasteful. This butt-bozo embodies nothing in relation to the late, great Mr.Wellstone.

Keith Morioka
Keith Morioka

Despicable. No way I would ever vote for "Quick Kurt." First, ripping off Wellstone's ad, and trying to appeal to voters by using his name, when he stands for almost everything Wellstone fought against...

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