Delta serves needle sandwiches on Amsterdam-MSP flight

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ABC News
Instead of veggies, Delta has apparently taken to garnishing sandwiches with needles.
Jim Tonjes, a 57-year-old Plymouth man, got more than he bargained for when he chomped down on a turkey sandwich during a Sunday flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.

Tonjes bit into something hard and sharp, puncturing his gums. He initially thought it was a toothpick, but pulled the object out of his mouth and discovered that Delta had actually just served him a needle sandwich.

"I was in shock," Tonjes told the Star Tribune. "It's the last thing you expect in a sandwich."

After being interviewed by the feds for an ungodly three hours, Tonjes drove himself to the hospital. He'll be on a regiment of "strong medications" and will be monitored for diseases like hepatitis and HIV for up to 90 days.

Tonjes wasn't the only unsuspecting recipient of a needle sandwich on Sunday. In total, needles were found in six sandwiches on four separate flights. Two Minnesotans besides Tonjes also fell prey. The FBI has launched an investigation.

The sandwiches were prepared by Gate Gourmet, a Dutch catering company. After the needle incidents, passengers were transitioned to a pizza dinner, FOX 9 reports.

According to KARE 11, Delta says it has increased meal-production security and is using more prepackaged foods while the investigation continues. So if you're flying soon and don't want to eat a needle or something that tastes like bricks, you may want to hit up a fast food joint before takeoff.

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Carl Miller
Carl Miller

Wonderful Observation, I know the Sandwhich Inspectors are chomping at the bit to get their jobs back - a family member of mine recently found a gold tooth in a twinkie, they are in a lawsuit now over whether or not he can legally use the gold tooth to replace his fractured tooth.  I heard Hostess has their best legal team working that case.

Paula the Lez
Paula the Lez

Filthy Somalians in the prep kitchen thought this would be funny.


No one seems to understand WHY we had regulations. We got screwed,,we put in place controls so we wouldn't have to face this again. There were a lot of regulations, because there were a lot of people trying to screw the system. Deregulation came, and the screwing started all over.


Flew Amsterdam-MSP last month. Sandwich service included something crunchy that made me sick for 2 days. Thank goodness for deregulation - let the market decide who lives and who dies.

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