Dispute over apartment building parking spot leads to butcher-knife brawl, felony charges

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Meyer is a militant proponent of parking-lot anarchy.
-- Kyle Dague, 23, charged with manslaughter following friend's mysterious shooting death
-- Jenna Schultz, 26-year-old student teacher, allegedly sent Simley senior nude photo, sexts

Parking spots at an apartment building on the 4300 block of 220th Street in Farmington are apparently really, really coveted.

When a male resident arrived home on the evening of July 13 and found his assigned parking spot filled, he honked his horn twice to alert the parking spot-snatcher to move their vehicle. Little did he know what he was in for.

According to a criminal complaint (via Sun Thisweek), moments after he honked his horn, a man the resident didn't know -- later identified as Robert Meyer, 18 -- stormed out of the building. Unhappy with the car-horn request to move his vehicle, Meyer began throwing punches at the victim. His swings mostly missed their target, and the altercation seemingly came to an end when Meyer's girlfriend came out and begged him to return inside.

But the situation escalated. On Meyer's way back inside the apartment building, he was handed a large butcher knife by a man on crutches -- 27-year-old Andrew Jensen. Meyer, knife in tow, then chased the victim a block down the street. Once Meyer caught up with the victim, he tried to slash him with the knife, but thankfully again missed his mark. Like the previous, less deadly altercation, this one ended when Meyer's girlfriend caught up with the two men and persuaded her boyfriend to chill the hell out.

But Meyer, apparently still seething, couldn't resist using the butcher knife's handle to put a couple nice dents in the hood and passenger's door of the victim's car once he returned to the apartment building's parking lot. The victim's wife, no doubt horrified by the scene unfolding before her eyes, remained in the car as Meyer smashed it up, along with her infant child.

Here's the kicker -- when police arrived on scene, they found Meyer hiding in Jensen's closet.

Both Meyer and Jensen have been charged with felony assault and face up to seven years in prison and a $14,000 fine. Wouldn't it have been better just to park on the street?

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Life must be SOOOO hard in Farmington, with all that meth and crack floating around. 


Scum - why isn't he being tried for attempted murder - both of them need to be executed.


 @JonnyBeGoode intolerant scum, you need to be executed for (insert arbitrary reason here).


you moron.


 @ludwitr - You are with the good people or with scum like this.  Are you saying that this guy is ever, EVER going to contribute to somethign good to this world - I doubt it.  When this guy eventually kills someone, then you will  be begging for retribution.


 @JonnyBeGoode  @ludwitr You're the one to decide that, right?  You're willing to end a life based on your "doubt" that he may or may not "contribute somethign(sic) good to this world"?  


I don't think an asshole like you will ever, EVER contribute anything worthwhile or positive to this world, why shouldn't you be killed as well?


You're being a f*cking moron.

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