Duane Clark violated wife's order for protection

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Last week's cover story.
See also: The Baby Buried in the Backyard.
See also: Police Photos: The Baby Buried in the Backyard

Duane Clark, the Crystal man who confessed to burying his baby in the backyard to police this past February, recently pleaded guilty to violating his wife's restraining order.

Last week's cover story, "The Baby Buried in the Backyard," detailed the bizarre circumstances leading up to and following Clark's confession to Crystal police. The story chronicled Clark's tumultuous relationship with his wife, Tiffany, who took out a restraining order against him this past March.

Duane denied Tiffany's allegations of abuse but agreed to the issuance of a restraining order. But a month later, Duane violated that order for protection.

On April 14, just after midnight, Crystal police pulled over Duane Clark for not signaling as he made a left turn.

Duane told the cops that he had just come from Cub Foods, according to police records, and that he was on his way home.

At that time, police noticed a female passenger riding shotgun, but didn't ask who she was. When the arresting officer went to his car and did a routine check, he noticed that there was a restraining order by Tiffany Clark against Duane.

The cop pulled a photo of Tiffany and thought she resembled Duane's passenger. So the cop went to Duane and asked if that was Tiffany sitting in his front seat.

"Duane advised me that it was not and that this was just a friend of his," according to the policeman's record. But when cops asked Duane's passenger for ID, they confirmed that she was Tiffany Clark.

Tiffany claimed to be unaware that her restraining order was still in place and claimed that her car wouldn't start at Cub Foods, so she called Duane to ask for a ride.

Police took Duane into custody for violating a restraining order. He pleaded guilty to that offense, a misdemeanor, June 15.

When police took Tiffany back to her car at Cub Foods, "she was able to start it without any problems." The restraining order remains in effect until March 2014.

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Lock the 2 of them up for the murder of there poor baby sick fucking scumbags i felt sorry for her but now i think she is a fucking fool im 26 years old and had a fella control and beat me for 1O years 6 weeks ago i packed up my kids and left i will never go back but wat she said he did and still be around him makes me sick they deserve each other i just hope there kids are not in there custody cause it would be a crying shame if there are


Oh, my Lord.  These people aren't a disaster waiting to happen; they're a disaster that has happened, keeps happening, and just won't stop happening.  Just out of basic decency, I hope they or their kids don't have to die first.

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