Duluth flood: Dayton "very disappointed" in FEMA's decision to deny individual assistance

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Rachel Agurkis
FEMA surveyed more than 1,100 homes damaged by the flood, but isn't granting Individual Assistance.
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On July 19, Governor Dayton requested individual assistance for home and business owners affected by June's one-in-a-lifetime Duluth-area flood.

Today, FEMA denied Dayton's request, and the governor is none too happy about it. "The Governor is very disappointed in FEMA's decision, and is currently working with state agencies to explore next steps," says a release from spokesman Bob Hume.

In his letter to Dayton, FEMA administration Craig Fugate writes:
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Adria Marie
A Duluth street in the midst of last month's flood.
During the period of July 11-18, 2012, joint federal, state, local, and tribal government Preliminary Damage Assessments were conducted in the areas requested by the state to determine the damage to dwellings. Based on our review of all of the information available, it has been determined that the damage to dwellings from this event was not of such severity and magnitude as to warrant the implementation of Individual Assistance... Therefore, I must inform you that your request for Individual Assistance is denied.
Dayton's request, if granted, would've allowed individual home and business owners to apply for up to $31,400 in federal grants. That's a good chunk of change, though FEMA officials say the average amount of aid received by disaster-affected homeowners is about $3,000.

No further information about FEMA's decision was immediately available, though we'll keep you posted if there's interesting news on that front.

Dayton now has 30 days to appeal FEMA's decision, if he so chooses.

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