Economic recovery? What economic recovery? Mpls donut shop hiring... an unpaid intern

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Angharad Guy, Metromix Twin Cities
Looking for a career in the donut industry? The Coop has a position for you!
As anybody who has recently looked for a job can tell you, it's rough out there.

While Minnesota's job market is stronger than most states, that doesn't mean it's a cake walk to find a good job here. In fact, if you live in the Twin Cities and want to make some dough working at a doughnut shop, you apparently have to start with an unpaid internship these days.

This morning, Minneapolis's the Donut Cooperative posted a job listing for a gig that doesn't pay. It could, however, help a "recent culinary graduate that wants experience or anyone looking to learn the trade." Those must be some finely crafted fried-dough treats!

From the Cooperative's Facebook page, here's the posting:
donut coop screengrab.JPG

The job post prompted MPR's Jon Collins to joke that "You know the economy has gotten weird when a doughnut shop is looking to hire (w/o pay) two interns."

It should be noted that we're not hating the player (i.e., the Donut Coop), but hating the game (i.e., the macroeconomy). Still, it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that people could finish forking over thousands of dollars for culinary degrees and actually get jobs that, you know, provide more compensation than experience and some free doughnuts.

The Donut Coop is closed on Mondays, so our call for comment wasn't immediately returned.

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