Truck collides with Escalade on 2nd Ave [PHOTOS]

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7.9 car crash.jpg
Photo by Gregory Pratt
The Escalade was destroyed in the crash and the leaking antifreeze made a gruesome accident scene.
An accident at Fourth Street and Second Avenue North left quite the scene of diesel, oil, and antifreeze this afternoon.

Keith Seleen exited 394 and was turning onto Second Avenue at about 12:30 p.m. today when his Cadillac Escalade was struck by a Continental Carbonic Ice Products truck that ran a red light. Seleen said he never saw the truck coming.

"It's one of the tough intersections in town," Seleen said. "I'm just glad everyone is okay. I'm more concerned about everyone around that could have been injured."

Seleen said he's made it a habit to stop and look both ways before driving through intersections downtown, even when he has a green light.

7.9 car crash 2.jpg
Photo by Gregory Pratt
Keith Seleen recounts the accident to his wife over the phone.
Of course, one of the few times he doesn't check, Seleen gets into a car accident.

The Continental Carbonic driver declined to comment on the crash but did say he is okay and suffered no major injuries.

No injuries were reported, and the crash could've been much worse, Seleen said.

Jason Artemiuk was crossing Second Avenue with his wife and four-month-old baby when he heard the impact of the crash.

Artemiuk watched as Seleen's car spun and clipped the side of his car, which was parked on Second Avenue.

"I'm just glad we walked out later or the baby and I would have been hit," Artemiuk said.

Amy O'Brien, a witness, said this is the second accident she's seen in the area in the past two weeks. The previous one took place just a block away, at Fourth Street and First Avenue. She also said she witnessed an accident at the same intersection as today's accident many years ago.

See photos from the scene below:
7.9 car crash 3.jpg
Photo by Gregory Pratt
The Continental Carbonic Ice Products truck appeared unaffected by the accident aside from a diesel tank leak.

7.9 car crash 4.jpg
Photo by Gregory Pratt
Keith Seleen retrieves items from his Escalade after the crash. Seleen said the airbags saved his life.

7.9 car crash.jpg
Photo by Gregory Pratt
The crash left the Escalade mangled but the driver, Keith Seleen, was okay.

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