Humane officers find cat feces oozing out of Minnesota cat hoarder's front door

braham cat hoarder.JPG
The one that got away? A cat wanders outside the Braham cat hoarder's home yesterday.
A woman in her mid-70s had to leave her Braham, Minnesota home to be hospitalized for emergency mental health treatment. With nobody to look after her roughly 20 cats, she gave authorities permission to enter her subdivision and seize them.

Human officers might've had an inkling what they were in for -- one of the woman's neighbors had already complained to police about the stench and filth emanating from her twin-home subdivision -- but what they encountered when they went in yesterday sounds truly horrific.

According to a KARE 11 report, cat feces "oozed out the front door" the first time officers opened it. They ended up finding 17 cats -- 11 adults, five kittens, and one dead kitten -- but their search for additional cats was complicated by the presence of trash and poop.

Braham officials declared the house uninhabitable -- a decision fully supported by the woman's closest neighbor.
braham cat hoarder house.JPG
Piles of trash with flies on top are visible from the outside of the woman's home.

Diano Paro shares a wall with the apparent hoarder. She told FOX 9 that "every time it rains the tile around the house -- it's all urine and cat [feces], you know -- it just starts to reek, really bad... it smells like sewer."

"Me and my son gag," she added. "Can't use the basement. Every time we want to wash clothes, I have to cover my mouth with towels to go down there."

Another neighbor said officials needed to wear Hazmat suits to enter the home. "That's the only way that you can go in there," Tammy Psyck said.

Makes you wonder how the hoarder herself could've tolerated living there for the past decade, doesn't it?

Officers took the cats to an air conditioned van. They'll be taken to a humane facility where their health and adoptability will be assessed.

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