Jacob Engler, 21, steals car in Minnesota, drives with two teenage friends to California

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Engler allegedly grabbed a car, grabbed some friends, and hit the westbound highway.
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Well, at least he got an epic road trip out of it.

Jacob Engler, a 21-year-old resident of Murdock, Minnesota, works on a farm. He allegedly stole a car, somehow persuaded his boss' 16-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old boy to hop in with him, then drove all the way to Stinson Beach, California, where he was arrested yesterday. He's now cooling his heels in Marin County Jail while authorities prepare to ship him back to Minnesota.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, while still in Murdock, Engler test-drove the car he ended up taking west and agreed to purchase it, but didn't show up for a scheduled meeting where he was supposed to fork over a down payment and get the title. It isn't immediately clear how long Engler and the two teens were on the lam.

From the Journal:
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Stinson Beach is a beautiful, but next time, man, pay for the car and get parents' permission first.
Authorities were investigating whether to seek child abduction charges against Engler, said Sheriff John Holtz of Swift County, Minn. Holtz said Engler, a friend of the teens, did not have their parents' permission to take them on a road trip, and made statements to the girl's stepmother suggesting he would not bring her back home.
Early Saturday, Engler's cell phone was traced to a tower in the Stinson Beach area. Deputies from the Marin County Sheriff's Office were asked to help find the fugitive in their midst and tracked down the trio in the Stinson Beach parking lot that afternoon.

In total, Engler and his two young accomplices traveled about 1,500 miles. Facing car theft and possible abduction charges back home, we imagine the ride back won't be nearly as fun.

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