Jim Graves' new ad hits Michele Bachmann for "her McCarthy-style witch-hunt"

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Jim Graves is trying to capitalize on Bachmann's latest controversy.
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-- Jim Graves, Democratic challenger to Rep. Michele Bachmann: The City Pages interview

Jim Graves is hoping to make some money and possibly amass volunteers from Michele Bachmann's "deep penetration" remarks about alleged Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the U.S. government.

Graves has rolled out a new Facebook ad asking users to "demand that Michele Bachmann end her McCarty-style witch-hunt." When it's clicked, the ad redirects to a statement that concludes by asking users for their names, emails, and zip codes.

Here's Graves' statement:
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Michele Bachmann just won't stop.

Even after fellow Republicans have condemned her ruthless attacks - accurately comparing her to Sen. Joe McCarthy - she's taking her dangerous witch-hunt to a new level.

She outrageously insists that people like Huma Abedin and Rep. Keith Ellison are part of a scheme to overthrow the government and institute Sharia law.

The evidence? Sixteen pages of Rep. Bachmann's conjectures and wild conspiracy theories.

This isn't the first time Rep. Bachmann has used these vicious and intolerant tactics to build her celebrity by appealing to the radical fringe. But let's make it the last.

Sign up here to demand that Michele Bachmann end her McCarthy-style attacks and wild conspiracies.
Polling released late last month showed Bachmann narrowly ahead of Graves in the 6th District. When asked who they would vote if the election were held that day, 48 percent of the 505 likely or registered 6th District voters surveyed said they'd vote for Bachmann, compared to 43 percent for Graves. The five point split was just outside the survey's 4.4 percent margin of error.

The most recent fundraising numbers, released July 12, also show Bachmann slightly ahead of Graves. In the second quarter of this year, Bachmann raised $579,000, compared to $412,000 for Graves. But $150,000 of Graves' total was loaned to his campaign from his own personal wealth, whereas almost all of Bachmann's money came from individual contributors.

A Politico analysis from Friday cautions against assuming Bachmann is in trouble because of her weak polling and the backlash she's currently experiencing for her incendiary Muslim Brotherhood comments.

From "Is Michele Bachmann toast?":
[Bachmann's] fundraising is only going to get better. The best fundraisers in the House tend to be, like Bachmann, conservative or liberal provocateurs who regularly make national news with their highly-charged comments. The more embattled they seem, the better it is for their fundraising. And in Bachmann's case, her presidential bid has only expanded her donor base...

The problem is that there's always polling that suggests Bachmann's in jeopardy. So far, Graves, a wealthy hotel owner, hasn't spent nearly enough so far to suggest he can compete with her. This current controversy is going to serve as rocket fuel to his campaign - and his fundraising - but Bachmann is still going to be very difficult to dislodge in November.

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