Kevin Love is Team USA's unofficial photographer [PHOTOS]

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K-Love's Twitter
First Twitter, then radio, then video, now photography. What's next for Kevin Love?
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Kevin Love has always been remarkably media savvy -- he was breaking news on Twitter before communicating in 140 characters was cool, he stars each season in the Timberwolves' slick Christmas-time coat drive videos, and his appearances on Bill Simmons' podcasts have been a huge hit, to cite a few examples.

This summer, K-Love, now playing in his first Olympics, continues to evolve as a media personality. He's been documenting Team USA's London experience on Twitter and Instagram, giving his followers a photographic window into how much fun the NBA superstars seem to be having hanging out with each other. Below the jump, we share a few of K-Love's best shots, complete with his captions.

July 20 -- "Weekend at Bernie's. #GotEm" --

melo asleep.jpg

July 22 -- "About to take the team photo in Barcelona. Did they expect me to have Locks?" --

team photo.jpg

-- July 21 -- "#Repost glad I could add some color to the photo" --

klove team photo.jpg

July 21 -- "#repost @kingjames I have no words" --

klove no words.jpg

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