Lance Armstrong blasts Clark Griffith, attorney and alleged perv who reviewed doping case

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Griffith entered a guilty plea, but continues to maintain he didn't unzip and expose himself on Grand Avenue.
One of the three people responsible for deciding to charge seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong with blood doping violations happens to be Minneapolis attorney Clark Griffith.

Griffith, 70, is the son of former Twins owner Calvin Griffith. This winter, Griffith resigned from his law school teaching appointments after a 24-year-old female William Mitchell student accused him of unzipping his pants and telling her to squeeze his penis during a January encounter on St. Paul's Grand Avenue. Facing a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge, Griffith last month entered an Alford plea, meaning he doesn't acknowledge wrongdoing but recognizes prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him. He'll be sentenced July 26.

Griffith is also one of three people sitting on a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency review panel that was tasked with deciding whether or not to pursue formal doping charges against Armstrong. Last week, the panel decided there is enough evidence to merit charges, meaning the case is now forwarded to an arbitration panel that could strip Armstrong of his Tour de France championships. Last Friday, a day after the panel's decision was announced, Armstrong took to Twitter to blast Griffith.

Armstrong tweeted: "Wow. [U.S. Anti-Doping] can pick em. Here's 1 of 3 Review Board members studying my case. #protectingcleanathletesandpervs" He included a link to a report about Griffith's incident with the student.
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Upset about the doping charges, Armstrong resorted to an ad hominem attack.

Despite incriminating himself in text messages he sent to his accuser in the days following the January incident and essentially entering a guilty plea, Griffith continues to maintain he's innocent of the indecent exposure charge.

Reached by the Associated Press for comment last Friday, Griffith characterized Armstrong's tweet as "an effort to get away from the issues that will be dealt with by an arbitration panel. OK?"

"By smearing me, that does nothing," Griffith added. "I'm innocent of that."

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