Maplewood police dog mauls 65-year old Bob Rozmarynowski [PHOTOS]

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7.6 bobmauled.jpg
Bob Rozmarynowski after a meeting with Rebel the police dog
A police chase took an awful turn this past Monday when an innocent bystander was mauled by a police dog.

Robert Rozmarynowski, 65, was out for his usual early morning walk at 3:45 in Maplewood when he heard someone yell, "Stop or I'm gonna shoot!" Rozmarynowski saw a man running toward him and jump over a fence. Then he saw Rebel, the police dog.

"What did the dog see?" Rozmarynowski says. "Me. And he came at me full-force."

As the dog tore into Rozmarynowski, the Maplewood police officer who was chasing the suspect called the dog off.

At that point, the fleeing suspect surrendered.

7.6 Police Dog 2012-07-02 001.jpg
Another shot of Rozmarynowski's injuries
"I'm giving up, I'm giving up, don't send the dog!" Rozmarynowski claims the suspect said.

A cop helped Rozmarynowski up and sent him to the hospital, where doctors treated his injuries.

Maplewood Deputy Chief Dave Kvam confirmed the incident to City Pages and says the police department will pay Rozmarynowski's medical expenses.

"What I told Mr. Rozmarynowski was we had agreed to pay for his shirt and pants and the actual bill at Saint John's," Kvam says.

Kvam shed further light on the incident leading up to Rozmarynowski's mauling.

Police were chasing Randy Grengs, a 29-year old who was carrying needle-nose pliers with a friend as they pushed a "little scooter" down the street, Kvam says.

Grengs protested when police, noticing that he had a "bulge in his pocket," decided to search him. That's when he took off running and threw away some small packages, which police later recovered.

"What he threw were some packages containing methamphetamine," Kvam says. He was arrested for fifth-degree possession of methamphetamine, but no charges have been filed yet.

Police released Grengs' friend after he proved that the scooter was his.

Despite the unfortunate injuries to Rozmarynowski, Kvam defends the police officer's work at the scene.

"Grengs had fled, [officers were] unable to check for weapons, and he had given multiple warnings," Kvam says. "Grengs wouldn't stop fleeing. This is precisely the sort of scenario why we have the dog."

"Clearly this wasn't a malicious thing," Kvam adds. "We're very sorry that it happened but neither of the participants in this were negligent in any way we can discern."

Here are photos sent to us by Bob Rozmarynowski's son-in-law, Brad Rasmussen.

7.6 bobmauled.jpg

7.6 Police Dog 2012-07-02 001.jpg

7.6 Police Dog 2012-07-02 005.jpg

7.6 Police Dog 2012-07-02 007.jpg

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