Michael Brodkorb gloats over MNGOP's money woes

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He was once MNGOP deputy chair; a scandal and firing later, he's gloating over his party's money woes.
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The MNGOP and DFL released updated financial statements today, and -- stop us if you've heard this before -- the numbers aren't pretty for Minnesota Republicans.

Since the start of the year, the MNGOP has raised a total of $99,240. That's a pittance compared to the $2.2 million raked in by the DFL, and when compared to the $600,000 the MNGOP had raised from individuals alone at this time last election cycle.

Both parties have spent just about all the money they've raised, but the DFL has more cash in the bank and less debt. Republicans have $24,421 in cash compared to $848,708 in debt, while the DFL has $46,183 and $310,456, respectively.

The news even prompted Michael Brodkorb --  the Senate communications director for the MNGOP caucus until he was outed as Majority Leader Amy Koch's paramour and ousted from his job last winter -- to gloat a little bit. We assume Brodkorb still identifies as a Republican, but there's surely some bad blood between him and the MNGOP, especially in the wake of him finally filing his long-awaited lawsuit against the senate on July 23.

Tweeted Brodkorb:Brodkorb only has to look in the mirror if he's searching for reasons why people aren't giving to the MNGOP. After all, who wants to fork over their hard-earned dough to the party of family values and fiscal responsibility after they're revealed to be a bunch of hypocrites?

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