Michele Bachmann, Profiles in Courage: She runs away from, lies to CNN reporter [VIDEO]

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Bachmann won't answer questions about her controversial McCarthy-esque comments.
-- John McCain blasts Bachmann for 'sinister, degrading' Muslim Brotherhood fear-mongering [VIDEO]
-- Bachmann's source for Muslim Brotherhood claim reportedly man Grover Norquist called a 'sick bigot'
-- What Communists were for Joe McCarthy, the Muslim Brotherhood is for Michele Bachmann

Perhaps wary of cramming her foot further down her throat, Michele Bachmann won't talk to reporters about her controversial Muslim Brotherhood "deep penetration" comments.

Shortly after John McCain put her on blast yesterday, CNN's Dana Bash tried to ask Our Favorite Congresswoman a couple questions while she walked down a Washington hallway. But Bachmann wouldn't have any of it, and started speed-walking away as if Bash had Ebola or something.

Bash, recounting the incident to Anderson Cooper, said "the good news is I can walk pretty fast in heels. The bad news is Michele Bachmann can walk just as fast." Here's the footage:

Bash, probably a bit peeved about Bachmann's blow-off, told Cooper that "if a lawmaker tells me they are going to get back to me, I try and take them at their word. She didn't do that."

Liberal-media bias at work, clearly.

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