Minnesota for Marriage spokesman alleges liberal media bias... against a labor union

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It's one thing to report the news, quite another to be a union working on reporters' behalf.
-- MN Marriage amendment: Majority support one man-one woman definition, says new survey
-- MN for Marriage, anti-gay marriage group, says it 'continues to stand strong against intolerance'

Minnesota for Marriage -- the state's main anti-gay marriage group -- is headquartered out of the same St. Anthony office building as the Minnesota Newspaper Guild. Despite their proximity, it turns out the two organizations don't like each other very much.

Today, Minnesota for Marriage spokesman Andy Parrish took umbrage with a pro-marriage equality sign that Guild administrative director Mike Bucsko displays in his office window. Parrish suggested the sign is indicative of liberal media bias, to which Bucsko replied: "It has nothing to do with liberal bias, and everything to do with equity and combating hate, which is what [Minnesota for Marriage] is all about."

Here's Parrish's tweet:Bucsko, reached for comment, explained that the Newspaper Guild is a labor union representing employees at the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, interpreters at HCMC, and other communications workers. Given that the guild itself isn't itself a media outlet, Bucsko characterized the allegation that the sign somehow represents liberal media bias as "a stretch."

Bucsko said he found the sign in question lying around the office building after Minnesota for Marriage's General Mills protest. "I doctored it up, cut off all their hateful stuff, and turned both of the people on it into women. Because it's about equality," he said.

Though he's away on vacation, Bucsko received a call from the Guild's office manager yesterday. Somebody from Minnesota for Marriage had put a large pro-amendment sign outside the building smack-dab in front of Bucsko's office window, obscuring his sign, and the office manager wanted to know what, if anything, he wanted to do about it.

"We contacted the landlord and they had to yank it down. It's not their property, and last time I checked there is still free speech in this country," Bucsko said, adding that he hopes his office sign shows people like Parrish and other Minnesota for Marriage staff that "not everybody is as hateful as them."

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I know Andy Parrish, and he does not hate anyone. There is difference between saying that Marriage is between one man and one woman, and hating gays. Why do proponents of gay marriage insist on forcing down our throats, a recently invented  and highly tenuous definition of marriage?


What's with the scare-quoted "somehow?" Is Parrish alleging it was obtained by nefarious means?


Why shouldn't the anti-marriage people cover up other people's signs? It's not like people who aren't them get rights anyway. That's the whole point of the pro-amendment campaign!


It's all about bigots telling the rest of us what to do. No one else's marriage impinges on my rights in any way, shape or form, yet these faint-hearted folks swear that if gays could marry, it would somehow damage their marriages. How on earth does that make any sense? How fragile are their marriages that they are this easily compromised?


Haters hate, and and MfM is all about the hate.

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