"Quick Kurt" Bills pays homage to "Fast Paul" Wellstone in new ad [VIDEOS]

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Said Bills: "This campaign we are the underdog, just as Wellstone was in 1990... And like Wellstone in 1990, the underdog is going to win."
-- Kurt Bills' creepy Staring at the Future political film is laughably bad [VIDEO]
-- Kurt Bills, MNGOP Rep., seeking Republican endorsement to challenge Klobuchar

Kurt Bills is a Republican, so you'd think his advertising would pay homage to conservative icons like Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, or, in Bills' case, Ron Paul.

Think again. In his newest campaign spot, Bills actually pays tribute to Paul Wellstone's legendary "Fast Paul" ad. In fact, in a statement, Bills writes that "the ad mirrors Wellstone's 1990 campaign advertisement, featuring the candidate running hard and working fast to overcome his opponent's fundraising advantage."

Here's Wellstone's ad:

And here's Bills':

Bills takes some big swings at Klobuchar in the spot, saying she "voted to give Wall Street Banks the largest tax-payer funded bailout in American history. I don't think Paul Wellstone would've voted for that."

He adds: "Amy Klobuchar voted for the $787 billion stimulus, which allowed corporate executives to receive multi-million dollar bonuses. I don't think Paul Wellstone would've voted for that either."

The latest polling suggests first-term state Rep. Bills needs to do something, anything, if he hopes to stand a chance this November against Klobuchar, who has one of the highest approval ratings of any senator.

Earlier this month, Bills acknowledged that he's polling about 26 points behind Klobuchar. That deficit is also reflected in the fundraising numbers. The latest campaign finance reports revealed that Klobuchar has raised $5.5 million for her reelection campaign -- Bills, meanwhile, had just $65,000 in his coffers.

In a recent interview with the Fargo Forum, Bills blamed his financial plight, in part, on the sorry state of the MNGOP.

"We are out there running as hard as we can on our own," Bills said. "We have been working double-time to overcome that; I should say quadruple-time."

So unless Amy finds herself enmeshed in some sort of Koch-Brodkorb level scandal, it looks like she has little to worry about this November. Meanwhile, Bills, at the very least, will be able to say he gained some video narrating experience during the course of his never-stood-a-chance campaign.

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