Route 16 bus homicide: Tim Dortch allegedly stabbed man after they bumped into each other

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Tim Dortch allegedly murdered a 25-year-old man following an on-bus argument.
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St. Paul police say that yesterday's fatal stabbing near the Capitol was the culmination of a dispute that began when two route 16 bus riders bumped into each other on the bus.

Police say that Tim Dortch, 38, and Desmond Harper, 25, bumped into each other, sparking an on-bus argument. Things didn't get violent until they got off the bus, when Dortch allegedly stabbed Harper to death near where they exited at Rice Street and Aurora Avenue. Harper's body was found on the steps of the Berean Church shortly after 1 a.m.

In a statement, St. Paul police spokesman Howie Padilla said Harper's death "may have been the culmination of a brief verbal altercation that apparently began on Metro Transit bus route 16." A Metro Transit spokesman told the Pioneer Press the argument didn't turn violent until the men got off the bus.

Dortch is in custody this morning, though charges have not yet been filed.

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