Strangers at the Twins game: A blind date outing in their own tweets

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One man's date, another woman's "complete stranger."
On Tuesday night, WCCO producer Tracy Perlman had a pair of tickets to the Twins game. She was planning to go with a pal, but the friend hurt her neck and ended up having to bail. (Hurt her neck? C'mon! Just say you don't want to go if you don't want to.)

Perlman proffered the spare ticket to other friends, but none of them took the bait. So what to do with that ticket? Instead of pulling a Funkhouser and going to the game alone, Perlman ended up making what she calls "one of the strangest decisions of my life" -- offering it up to a complete stranger.

If that's as strange as it's gotten for her, then she clearly doesn't have an OKCupid profile.

In any event, per the suggestion of the Star Tribune's Michael Rand, Perlman offered the ticket to the first replier on Twitter. That ended up being a young man named Jimmy Berg -- "I'm only moderately creepy and I could go," he replied -- and Perlman and her date new acquaintance met at the game and made an evening of it.

The whole experience -- commemorated on Twitter with the hashtag #WTMJ (When Tracy Met Jimmy) -- ended up being a big hit. By the end of the night, #WTMJ was trending in Minneapolis, thanks in part to the fact that Tracy and Jimmy tweeted every time one of them sneezed. Anyway, via their own tweets, here's a look back at the sensation that was Strangers at the Twins Game:

Jimmy, hearing rumors of a kiss-cam appearance with Tracy, gets the evening off to an awkward start:
Tracy lets Jimmy taste a little bit of rejection before they've even met:
Once at the game, Jimmy, perpetuating negative male stereotypes, apparently just can't get past the idea he's on a date:
Tracy tweets a photo of the happy couple... of strangers:
Apparently neither of them had much conversational material:
Meanwhile, Jimmy is still obsessed with sex:

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