The top 10 Blotter posts of 2012 (so far...)

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Here's a countdown of the most viewed Blotter stories to date this year.
July 4 has now come and gone, and you know what that means -- soon the State Fair will be here and it'll be back-to-school time for the kiddos.

Ready or not, six months of 2012 are already in the bag, so we figured it's a good time to take a look back at Blotter's Greatest Hits of 2012.

Regular readers are probably familiar with most of these posts and the events, characters, and shenanigans described therein. But for new and recently arrived readers -- and believe it or not, there are lots of them trickling in all the time -- consider this an opportunity to catch up. Below the fold, ranked from 10th-most viewed to most viewed, are the most popular Blotter posts of the year... so far.

10. To protect and serve... with drugs
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On May 3, we told you about unbelievable accusations made by Occupy protestors: They said police had given them drugs as part of a State Patrol impairment study. Those allegations proved to have teeth when an officer came forward and said he saw a colleague pick someone up near Peavey Plaza and get them high. The results of an investigation into the officer's actions hasn't yet been revealed, so stay tuned to this story.

9. Lamborghini towed at University of St. Thomas

On February 11, we brought you the story of an unusual occurrence at St. Thomas' St. Paul campus: A Lamborghini being towed away. Judging by the comments, the post -- and what it said about the wealth of the tow-truck victim --  was a big talker for St. Thomas students.

8. Is this former Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn's mystery woman?
dc_bby (1).jpg

On April 13, we followed the trail of Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn's abrupt sex scandal-tainted resignation to where it led: the conclusion that 29-year-old Dayna Cline might be the mystery woman with whom Dunn was romantically involved. Our most recent coverage of the Best Buy scandal focused on the revelation that founder Richard Schultze might be planning to try and take the company private again.

7. Tim Poe lied

On June 6, we told you about the fibs Tim Poe uttered during an emotional appearance on America's Got Talent, when he lied about his military record before a national TV audience. We followed the story until Poe was booted off the show last week. Liars never prosper!

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