Tim Pawlenty's vice presidential stock spikes on Intrade

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Barring another Palin-esque surprise, Romney's VP choice looks like it'll be either T-Paw or Portman.
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Mitt Romney has reportedly already chosen a running mate, and political observers increasingly believe Tim Pawlenty may be his pick.

Yesterday, Pawlenty's vice presidential stock on Intrade, an Irish betting site that allows gamblers to bet on events, spiked 67 percent. At one point Monday, Intrade handicapped T-Paw with a 27 percent chance of making the ticket; as of early today, that had fallen to 22.6 percent.

Intrade's odds reveal that, at least in the eyes of bettors, Pawlenty and Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) have separated themselves from the field. According to Intrade, Portman is most likely to be Romney's pick, with a 28.9 percent chance of making the ticket. T-Paw is second, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Flordia), is a distant and fading third with a 7.9 percent chance.

The drama (?) of the 2012 GOP vice presidential horse-race should be over soon -- according to the New York Times, Romney may disclose his running-mate decision as soon as this week.

One thing working in Portman's favor, observers believe, is that his presence on the ticket could possibly swing the crucial state of Ohio into the Republican ledger. T-Paw? He might win Mitt a few votes in South St. Paul, but one way or the other Minnesota will almost certainly be Obama territory this November.

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