Twins fan crafts Joe Mauer "jersey" out of bushy back hair

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Mauer hair jersey rect.jpg
Joe Mauer's biggest -- and possibly hairiest -- fan.
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Want to show up at the Twins game showing support for your hometown team, but too cheap to shell out $30 for a jhirt? ("jhirt" = jersey-shirt)

Well, If you've got enough back hair to carpet an apartment or two, here's an idea:

Take this creative dude's lead and simply shave the number and name of your favorite player into you back! Assuming, of course, you not only have the requisite hair, but also have a friend/lover tolerant enough to invest that much TLC in your Chewbacca-like nether dorsal region.

On Saturday, this unnamed fan showed up at the Twins-Royals tilt donning a Joe Mauer jersey made entirely out of the stuff God gave him. And, as NESN notes, it wasn't the first time, either -- the dude showed up last season at a Twins game in Milwaukee "wearing" the same "jersey."

I'll tell you what -- that's one game-worn jersey I'm thrilled not to have.

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Please don't give this guy any more attention. Ugh.

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