Urinal Cake Man: Strangest anti-drunk driving campaign ever?

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    Meet Urinal Cake Man, the super hero who lives in public bathrooms, and possesses the ability to tell how much you've been drinking by tasting your urine.

    This, friends, is law enforcement's secret weapon in the war on drunk driving.

    The Minnesota Department of Public Safety released an ad featuring Urinal Cake Man on its Youtube page Thursday afternoon, presumably a take on the actual talking urinal cakes some bars have started using to promote sober cabs.

  • The ad features a young fellow named Brian, who is getting ready to depart from a bar. First he has to make a quick stop to the bathroom, which is where he unknowingly reveals to Urinal Cake Man that he's over the limit, via bodily waste. Once awakened, the human-sized toilet deodorizer confronts Brian on his way out the door and gives him a speech about why drunk driving is wrong.

    Spoiler: Brian totally sees the error of ways, and gets his friend Jeff to pick him up (and to bring a towel, so he can clean up all the urine).

    The commercial definitely left us with a few questions. Like do you have to be drunk to see Urinal Cake Man? Does he have a strategy for female drunk drivers? Is he always this touchy?

    The strangest part might be the over-the-top, Pee-Wee's Playhouse-ish sound effects. At one point, for instance, Urinal Cake Man reenacts what it was like when Brian gave him a golden shower. Seriously.

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    Phenominal campaign.  Finally someone speaking the language!

    Sara Mobrei
    Sara Mobrei

    Whaaaaaat! I am just wondering, how did the meeting go down when their marketing person pitched this idea? On the plus side, it is so weird it will probably go viral so it will reach more people. As dumb as it is, maybe people will remember it.

    Rhea O'Connor
    Rhea O'Connor

    Love it! Funny, strange, memorable and you can't lie to a urinal cake. People need to stop drunk driving, I hope this ad gets the awareness that it's after. Cheers!


    Important to note, until the lawyers figure out the implications of  this new add, DO NOT GIVE A COP A GOLDEN SHOWER, wait until the ruling has come down.


    Public Service Announcement:  Cops are no longer to be called, Pigs, Coppers, 5.0 or any other derogatory phrase.  From now on refer to them as urinal cake as advised by this new campaign.

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