Abby and Brittany Hensel reality TV show debuting on TLC later this month [TRAILER]

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"Abby and Brittany" premiers August 28.
-- Minnesota's Abby and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins, make Newsweek
-- Minnesota's conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany Hensel, make The Sun
-- C.J. scolded by editor after mocking conjoined twins in gossip column

The world's most famous pair of conjoined twins recently graduated from Bethel University, and in a few weeks, their reality TV show will debut on TLC. Not bad for a first post-college job, right?

At 9 p.m. on August 28, "Abby and Brittany" premiers. The show follows the girls around as they do normal 22-year-old woman stuff -- you know, driving (one of the pair controls the steering wheel, the other the pedals), shopping, hanging out with friends, hunting for jobs, traveling, and so forth.

The trailer, embedded below, invites viewers to "Experience their amazing journey."

One of their friends tells the camera, "When I first met them, I just thought, what is life like for  them?"

"Everywhere they go, they just get stares," another friend adds. "I just don't know how they do that every day."

In a few weeks, "Abby and Brittany" viewers will hopefully begin to have a better idea. Here's the trailer:

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DUDE! this show should be awesome.  if they do it right it can be really really cool.  if its done in a spirit of mockery like american idol more suicides can be expected nationally.  but if they do it right, and really let these clearly awesome girls just do their thing, go around and be different and be cool with how different they are, thats gonna be great for all us freaks who are gonna watch.  we love freaks because we ARE freaks.  and if they can be happy, with that crazy equation, we can certainly make do with ours.  xxooo.oooxx


We have forgotten this, but TLC once stood for The Learning Channel. I wonder what we are supposed to learn from some of their shows, as this network seems to have morphed into The Strange Entertainment Channel. Abby and Brittany Hensel are merely twin sisters who are doing everything other young women do (drive a car, go to school, swim, run, etc.), except that they do these things sharing one body.  Other than medically, how could there be enough interest to sustain us through a reality show featuring the twins?


@BeerBrewin @TLC has morphed from a channel that once had useful informative shows into a high-tech modern version of a carnival freak show

CinBlueland topcommenter

Nothing against the girls, but WTF has happened to TLC? Toddlers and Tiaras? Redneck something or other? There used to be some cool home improvement shows and a variety of other programs.. Now it's "Lets display those different from the mainstream" reality crap

Sara Lawlor Collins
Sara Lawlor Collins

Abbey and Brittany were student teachers in my son's class last year. The kids LOVED them. Such sweet and fun ladies! Kudos!

Erica Martin
Erica Martin

seen them around the neighborhood sometimes


@MoyraJBligh It's really the midget, multiple kids, cake maker, & exploit differences channel. Ex didn't even know what it use to stand for.

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