Austin City Council candidate Zeke Dahl doesn't want your vote

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  • Zeke Dahl ran for mayor of Austin then stole $8,000 from his grandma

    Zeke Dahl might be running the worst City Council campaign in the history of Austin.

    He's telling residents of the southern Minnesota city not to vote for him. And if they don't heed his warnings and he somehow does get elected, Dahl will resign.

    That's because Dahl, who also once sought to be the mayor of Austin, was convicted of a felony last year after his grandma caught him stealing $8,000 from her bank account using forged checks.

  • So, Austin residents, in case stealing from one's own grandmother isn't enough to deter your vote, consider that Dahl isn't actually legally eligible to serve your fine city as an elected official.

    According to the Austin Daily Herald, Dahl is currently on probation for the check forgery conviction. If he pays $7,100 in restitution within five years of his sentencing, the felony will go down to a misdemeanor, which would allow him to serve in office.

    Dahl tells the paper he plans to clear the balance by January, but the charge wouldn't be reduced right away. Which is a shame, because he seems like such a nice guy.

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    Joey LeMay
    Joey LeMay

    It's like when Cartman bought his own theme park on "South Park" and then proceed to make commercials telling people that they weren't welcome at the park. Brilliant strategy.

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