Bradlee Dean cohort slams Rep. Bruce Anderson on church vs. state 'oxymoron' [VIDEO]

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    Remember last year when Bradlee Dean told the Minnesota Legislature that Barack Obama didn't believe in Jesus? Well, you should, because it totally "rocked Minnesota - and much of the nation." Not to mention, "it's still making waves."

    Apparently Dean's ministry -- which combines a love of rap, metal, controversy, and bald eagles -- is still pretty pissed about Republican House Speaker Kurt Zellers denouncing Bradlee on the House floor after the prayer. At a recent town hall meeting, those lingering feelings were (for some reason) directed at Rep. Bruce Anderson, R-Buffalo Springs.

  • "He jumped up and aligned himself with the Democrat who got up and denounced Bradlee," said Dean sidekick Jake MacAuley to Anderson. "I've tried to reach out to [Zellers] a number of times, and there's been no response. And I'm just curious as to why on earth somebody that claims those type of values would stand up and denounce them in public."

    Anderson offered the cliff notes version of the separation between church and state -- some of those Democrats and Jewish people just don't think we should pray to Jesus in the Capitol -- but MacAuley wasn't buying it.

    "When a Christian minister comes in and he wants to pray in the name of Jesus, and somebody says you can't, to me that's an oxymoron," said MacAuley. "That's what he is. Those are the liberties we fight for."

    Then other audience members started to turn on Anderson.

    "Did you denounce the speaker when he denounced the preacher?" one asked.


    And what about the constitution, Representative?!

    Watch the video here:

    [H/T Bradlee Dean Info, WND]

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    The representative left himself open by refusing to state the obvious. The legislature belongs to everybody, not just the Christians, and everybody is supposed to sit through the prayer, not just the Christians. I can understand that the people in the audience didn't understand the issue, but the people who made the video sure seem to think that religious liberty means they get to impose their beliefs on other people.

    green23 topcommenter

     @webcelt Exactly right. Again and again, we find that the Right is using an entirely different dictionary than the rest of the world.


    "Prayer": a political rant that offers neither praise nor supplication to a deity, but instead defines a Christian politician as a non-Christian.


    "religious freedom": Freedom for fundamentalist Christians to silence, intimidate, slander, and demonise the adherents of all other religions, as well as those Christian denominations they deem to be insufficiently Christian.

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