Bradlee Dean crank calls Keith Ellison, alleges that Muslims want to execute gays [AUDIO]

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Dean called Ellison in hopes of testing the congressman's ideological consistency.
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On a recent episode of his radio show, Bradlee Dean called Keith Ellison's office to ask the tough questions. Like, you know, how Ellison reconciles his role as vice chair of the House's LGBT Equality Caucus with the "fact" that Muslims seek to execute homosexuals.

Dean looking out for gays? Excuse me while my head explodes.

Here's a transcript of Dean's radio-show preamble, followed by the raw audio (courtesy of Ken Avidor):
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On [his] website, Ellison notes that he is proud to be the vice chair of the congressional LGBT caucus. Well, this is rather strange because the Muslims are calling for the execution of homosexuals, so how can that be possible?

Do you think maybe the radical homosexuals are completely blind to this individual? Because you can go online, friends, and see where Muslims are calling for the executions of homosexuals in America. There are videos out there where you can see it, yet we have a Muslim, the first Muslim to serve in Congress as the GLBT vice chair. Wow, there's something going on here.... we need to call to Keith, we need to talk to Keith and see what's going on with him and just kinda ask him a couple questions and ask Keith, basically just recite the questions I exemplified to the American people as to what he stands for.
Dean then calls Ellison's office and has a rather one-sided interaction with a staffer named Tess. Listen for yourself -- the call begins around the one-minute mark:

Here's what Dean has to say after the call (emphasis mine):
I'm just tired of beating around the bush with these people. Because the more people just allow them to hide behind walls and the skirts of their secretaries, the more our sovereignty is eradicated.

I want you to know why I actually called Keith Ellison. Because Keith Ellison was on the Daily Beast beast capping on Bradlee Dean. Like Keith Ellison knows who I am... What he was doing was responding to the fact that I was telling the radical homosexuals about two years ago that the Muslims were calling for the execution of homosexuals, and then they realized, wait a second, Keith Ellison is the vice chair of the LGBT [caucus]? So that probably scared some chocolate out of some of them folks. What kind of a guy do we have running our operation here?
Scared some chocolate out of those folks? What poetry!

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Bradlee Dean is way south of sanity.

green23 topcommenter

It's really weird that these fundamentalist Christians think that Islam is monolithic. When wacky evangelical Christian leaders say controversial things, everybody makes it clear that they aren't speaking for all Christians. But, somehow, if any Muslim anywhere on the planet says something, then they are speaking for all Muslims.


It's also really offensive that Dean would do this during Ramadan.


Hi Tess, I'm going to use you as my hapless foil who has to be polite while I spew a bunch of hateful garbage at you.


I hope the rest of the office paid for her lunch, or at least took over answering the phone.


"...swore in on a foreign Qur'an, contrary to our Bible in the United States...."


WTF? The Bible is not "foreign"? This Christian is shaking her head in disbelief.


What an idiot. When is the IRS going to come down on this guy and his "operation"?


@houstonshearon bigots, bigots, everywhere

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