Bradlee Dean's dishonest fundraising may land him in hot water with the IRS

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The IRS responded to an Iowa woman who raised concerns about Dean's "youth ministry."
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In June, Bradlee Dean's You Can Run But You Cannot Hide troupe was busted baiting-and-switching customers at a Hy-Vee in Newton, Iowa.

Representatives from the tax-exempt nonprofit solicited donations by telling folks the group is "a suicide prevention organization." In practice, of course, YCR is more focused on denouncing homosexuality and decrying abortion, and the Hy-Vee store director later apologized for letting the group "conduct fundraising" on store premises. But now it appears the tracksuit-wearing homophobe may have bigger problems than Hy-Vee -- namely, the IRS.

From Andy Kopsa's "Off The Record" blog:
After the debacle of YCRBYCH grifting for money at Iowa grocery stores, one Iowa woman had enough. She gave $5 to the organization as they billed themselves as a suicide prevention organization. That is not the case...

Here's a note she sent me on FB:

"Just got a confirmation letter from the IRS acknowledging my complaint against You can run but you cannot hide international! If those guys thought I was a bitch, wait til they deal with the IRS!"
And here's the letter the IRS sent the woman:

dean irs letter.jpg
Andy Kopsa

Dean better hope the IRS doesn't strip his "ministry's" tax-exempt status. After all, if he has to pay taxes, how will he ever manage to give Rachel Maddow and the now-defunct Minnesota Independent the nearly $25,000 in legal fees he owes them?

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