Brandon Shaw bit police dog, faces felony for alleged K-9 Tysoning

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Brandon Demario Shaw.jpg
Shaw faces a felony charge after TKOing Blek the police dog.
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Brandon Shaw was arrested in Duluth for an alleged assault -- of a police dog.

In the early morning hours of July 25, Shaw, 21, was being pursued by police in Superior on suspicion of car theft when his ride ran out of gas in an alley. A police officer warned him to get on the ground lest he be bitten his K-9, Blek. But Shaw wouldn't be apprehended without a fight.

Police say Shaw ran from the vehicle and attempted to jump a four-foot-high fence, but fell. Blek, released by the officer, caught up to Shaw as he attempted to gather himself.

The Superior Telegram fills us in on Shaw's ensuring Mike Tyson-esque antics
Mike Tyson.jpg
The master of the bite-and-punch.
Police say [Shaw] punched the left ear of the K-9, [then] grabbed both ears, raised the dog's head and appeared to bite the dog on the head... He also struck the dog on the muzzle before running away, the complaint said.
Shaw actually managed to escape the alley and Wisconsin altogether, but was arrested later that day in Duluth. He faces charges in both states, including a felony count of harassment of police and fire animals causing injury. The maximum penalty for that crime is three and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

As for Blek? He was obviously shaken up after Shaw laid the smack down and was transported to the Superior Animal Hospital. The Telegram reports that he's bruised and sore but should make a full recovery.

With a TKO victory over a police dog under his belt, we imagine Shaw's fellow inmates will at least be reluctant to mess with him if he ends up serving some hard time.

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Sure, blame the dog.  After all, the person he was going after is a well educated, law-abiding, productive member of society.  I mean, his mugshot says it all. 


I"ve had the argument with many people so many times, that it's just a damn dog...bite it. kick the thing. It is smaller than us and should learn to be afraid of attacking something so much bigger than itself. Everyoone says "No way buddy. A police dog will never lose a fight."This story makes me happy. They thought their dog gave them the upperhand, but they were wrong. Send that dog after the wrong person, and it's liable to have it legs, face, or neck broken.


Yeah....I wonder if Blek will get paid leave with disability?


This is a unfair law that charges you with a felony. If the swine can release their nazi pig dog to charge you to obviously do damage to you, you should be able to defend yourself against it. Also, when pigs break into houses they kill dogs all the time. They don't get charged for killing your dog. 

Derek Kosky
Derek Kosky

I wonder if the dog needed a rabies shot.

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