Brett Favre is a high school football coach, 'acts like an idiot' when his team scores [PHOTOS]

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Favre is doing more in retirement than wearing Wranglers and mowing his Mississippi lawn.
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Two years removed from the NFL, Brett Favre has resurfaced as the offensive coordinator for the Oak Grove High School team in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

So far, so good. Oak Grove crushed its opponent in the opening game of the season last Friday, winning 64-6. In fact, during Oak Grove's first offensive series, the team scored on a long pass play that was designed by the Ol' Gunslinger himself.

Last week, ESPN's Ed Werder traveled to Mississippi to talk with his old buddy Favre. Favre told him that he's already gotten in the habit of "acting on the idiot" on the sidelines when his team scores.

Here's an example from last Friday's game:

coach favre celebrates.jpg
ESPN screengrab

Note the slightly-more-prominent-than-usual ponch. With his 43rd birthday just around the corner, it appears the last chapter of Favre's storied career was indeed written in Minnesota.

Here's another image of coach Favre on the sidelines:

brett favre coordinator 2.jpg
Jason Munz's Twitter

Favre told Werder that coaching allows him to scratch his competitive itch without putting his aged brain at risk of further scrambling.

"I don't have to be playing or throwing myself to get excited," the Wranglers-wearing Packers legend said. "And that's why I'm out here doing it."

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