Bryan Hathaway, Duluth-area dead deer sexer, allegedly assaults officer at Wal Mart

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Hathaway is just 25, but he's already had enough deer sex for several lifetimes.
-- Parts of downtown Moorhead "destroyed" by rampaging herd of deer
-- Holly Boyd charged with throwing, killing Chihuahua puppy after it pissed on her leg
-- Deer shot by police after rampaging through St. Catherine University

Bryan Hathaway was only 20 years old when he gained international notoriety as that guy who had sex with a dead deer.

A half-decade later, he's back in the local news for allegedly assaulting a female police officer at a Duluth Wal-Mart.

Hathaway, 25, was arraigned yesterday on four charges in connection with the big-box-shoplifting-gone-wrong incident, including assaulting a police officer and receiving stolen property. He was sitting in the backseat of a car in a Wal Mart parking lot and suspiciously rummaging through bags when he was approached by off-duty officer Kody Vedder.

Vedder knocked on the car's window, but instead of talking to her, Hathaway made a break for it and tried to run away. When Vedder attempted to take him to the ground, Hathaway pushed her to the pavement, causing scratches, bruises, and enough soreness to merit an X-ray. He was arrested, and sure enough, three stolen Android phones were in his bags.

But the story Hathaway will forever be remembered for is the 2006 dead-deer-boning one. For those of you who have forgotten, here are some of the details (from
dead deer.jpg
What happens in the ditch apparently doesn't stay in the ditch -- Hathaway was convicted of a crime for sexing a dead deer.
Superior Police Officer Adam Poskozim and two Department of Corrections agents met with Hathaway at his transitional housing residence in Superior Oct. 11 [2006]. The Superior man's clothes were covered with blood and what appeared to be deer hair.

Hathaway originally told officers he had helped his father clean a deer. Later, he admitted to having sex with the dead deer near Murphy Oil refinery. Hathaway said he was aroused by the sight of the deer in the ditch. He admitted moving its carcass into the woods, where the assault occurred.
In an interview with police after he was busted for carnal relations with a carcass, Hathaway said: ''When I was done, I was upset with myself... I know having sex with animals is wrong, but I can't help myself and I need help.''

He was later sentenced to a suspended nine-month sentence for misdemeanor mistreatment of an animal, but served some time in the slammer in connection with a probation violation. While he was in jail, one of his supporters created the meme in the photo on the top of the post.

We can see where the meme-creator was coming from -- after all, making love to a already-dead animal that you didn't kill seems like a victimless crime, doesn't it? Unfortunately for Hathaway, the same can't be said for assaulting a police officer, and because of that, he might have to content himself with dreaming of ditch-dwelling deer from behind bars for a while.

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