Carter Gustafson, 8, has some adorable questions for you about Minnesota's marriage amendment

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Carter's letter. Click to enlarge.
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From the mouth of babes oft times comes gems, and this is one of those times.

Carter Gustafson, 8 3/4, recently penned an awwwww-inspiring letter addressed to all Minnesotans. It first appeared on the California-based NOH8 Facebook page.

Little Carter loves his two moms, and he's worried about what might happen if the same-sex marriage ban is approved. "If this passed, can be we still be a family?" he asks. "[C]an my moms be arrested?"

"This means a lot to me because I love my moms!" Carter writes.

To see the Minneapolis boy's full letter, click on the image at the top of this post.

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and if he wrote something saying the opposite he would mocked and accused - parents shamed because they were raising a "hate-monger" for a child. This is a crap world we are leading ourselves into and these "moms" should be ashamed for having their kids do the dirty work.   

Ask yourself this,  If love does make a family, then why do we need to change our laws to accomodate those people that can legally exist they way they are currently.  What happens when the Muslims start rallying to have polygamy legalized in this country? What is wrong with that?   Their is "love" in those relationships as well, but they are forced to hid themselves since their lives would be in upheaval as Polygamy is illegal. 

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

This is just stupid two moms can't bring you into the world

Lola House
Lola House

I saw this last night. Adorable.

Theresa Bruckner
Theresa Bruckner

Adorable and really sad questions. They make crystal-clear that banning same-sex marriage has nothing to do with protecting the well-being of families and children.


@atrupar Yeah, that made me go "aww."


@bearfilm1  Of course he would be "mocked and accused" and the "parents shamed" if he "wrote something saying the opposite". The reason for that is crystal clear to most people but your brain obliviously works...differently. I dread to think what kind of world we would live in if everyone was as narrow-minded as you.

What you don't seem to be getting a grasp on is the fact that "the opposite" in this instance would be hate speech and an attempt to discourage human equality. It would be offensive.

This letter is a beautiful, harmless and heartfelt sentiment from a child with logic and reasoning skills far superior to yours. How you can see it as something negative is beyond me.

Don't accuse the parents of "having their kids do the dirty work" when you don't know whether the parents knew about the letter, let alone instructed them to write it.

The idea that equal marriage will set off a whirlwind of legalizing all sorts of unusual things is quite frankly ridiculous and an insult to the human race.

"If love does make a family, why do we need to change our laws to accomodate those people that can legally exist they way they are currently" ...What does the paperwork and legal stability matter to you if they're doing it anyway and you seem to be okay with it?

Ask yourself a question; why on earth would you have any reason to protest against things that don't affect you at all, especially when they may be extremely beneficial to other people? From what I've experienced, it tends to be religion which makes people have this kind of selfish and heartless attitude.

Anyway, if that was your best argument against gay marriage then FAIL! Learn to mind your own business.

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