Chris Fields calls Keith Ellison a reverse racist

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    With the election inching closer, GOP-endorsed Congressional candidate Chris Fields is upping the attack rhetoric, now accusing Keith Ellison of "reverse racism" in his latest campaign literature.

    The implication appears to be that Ellison -- the first Muslim to be elected to Congress and Minnesota's first black person in the House -- harbors a bias in favor of black politicians.

    "Sadly, Keith Ellison and his cronies in the Congressional Black Caucus practice reverse racism and racial politics all the time," reads the literature. "As a candidate for Congress, I'm not afraid to confront the racial politics practiced by Ellison."

  • Pulling the race card is a natural enough progression from Fields, a candidate who just last week called Ellison "militantly anti-American." At the same time, it seems like strange logical gymnastics from the candidate who a month ago also said Ellison wasn't doing enough for black people.

    The most clearly exaggerated piece of the literature is Fields's claim that so-called reverse racism inspired Ellison to walk out in protest the GOP's vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt earlier this summer. From the ad:

    When Democrats and Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for hindering the investigation of the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Keith Ellison and the Congressional Black Caucus walked out and refused to vote.

    In reality, dozens of congressional Democrats walked out on the vote -- not just Ellison and the Black Caucus.

    Here's a description of the protest from The Daily Beast that paints a slightly different picture:

    The walkout was led by the Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, the Asian-Pacific Caucus, and the Progressive Caucus, and bolstered by the Democratic leadership: Nancy Pelosi in a bright white suit and second-in-command Steny Hoyer, whose decision to leave the House floor and join their members gave the walkout added heft. "You're seeing the whole diversity of the Democratic caucus," said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri, who took the microphone first.

    Ellison's campaign was quick to release a response condemning the attack.

    "Chris Fields' divisive rhetoric is completely out of line with Minnesota values," reads the statement. "He continues making statements that seek to divide our communities rather than trying to bring people together. Despite Fields' attacks, our campaign will continue working to unite the Fifth District's diverse communities around solutions that move America forward and create economic prosperity for all."

    Fields didn't respond to a voicemail Wednesday, but here's the literature in full:
    Racism is Wrong

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    Pinko Thinker
    Pinko Thinker

    that's it! Keith Ellison was already on double secret probation just for being a filthy, no-good, unrepentant muslim but after this further unfounded charge, make that TRIPLE secret probation plus PLUS! your days are numbered, you tricksy reverse racist, you!!!

    green23 topcommenter

    Ellison's last opponent got 24% of the vote in a strong Republican year. Fields won't get more than that.


    CP seems to be Fields' primary campaign outlet. Without CP, nobody would ever have heard about Fields, which isn't saying much for Fields' campaign.

    Kathie Carlson
    Kathie Carlson

    Racism or not I do know Ellison had bold face lied to me seversal times,,,

    Dave Eckblad
    Dave Eckblad

    Oh hey thanks Steve. I was about to say the same. There are reverse vampires but not reverse racists. Well, maybe a reverse racist makes people feel bad for not being racist enough? I just don't know.

    Steve Barone
    Steve Barone

    there is no such thing as reverse racism. There is just racism.

    Erica Anderson
    Erica Anderson

    Someone is projecting much and I don't think it's Ellison.


    Its so refreshing to see someone finally calling Ellison out for what he really is. It will be interesting to see how Ellison responds now that he's been called out.


    At least Fields has abandoned the "Ellison has daddy issues" attack. I suppose that's something.


    Punctuation and design police: the carats are pointing the wrong way, and even if they were pointing the right way, the first would indicate "RReverseACISM". Which, granted, is pretty awesome. But probably not what they were going for.

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