Chris Fields: I didn't call Keith Ellison a reverse racist in "reverse racism" ad

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Now what would give anyone the idea that Fields was calling Ellison a racist?
  • Chris Fields calls Keith Ellison a reverse racist
  • Chris Fields says Keith Ellison isn't doing enough for black people

    I wasn't very surprised when I came into work this morning to find I already had three voicemails. Two hangups and one message, all from the same caller: Chris Fields, the GOP-endorsed Congressional candidate running against Keith Ellison.

    Early this morning, we published a blog post about Fields's latest attack literature on Ellison, which features a picture of the incumbent congressman next to the proclamation, "Racism is bad." The gist of the ad being that Ellison -- a black Muslim -- practices racially biased politics. Or as Fields calls it, "reverse racism."

  • In the post, we point out that at least one of Fields's arguments is taken out of context. He implies that so-called reverse racism motivated Ellison and the Black Caucus to walk out on Congress's vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. In fact, it wasn't just Ellison and the Black Caucus. Dozens of Democrats of many races walked out, including Nancy Pelosi. So is Fields saying they are all racists, too?

    For the record, I did call Fields yesterday for comment, and he didn't respond. But I presumed he would have something to say about the post after it went live. I called him back right away this morning, and what did surprise me was his rebuttal: He claims he never called Ellison a reverse racist.

    Here's how the first part of our conversation went, beginning with Fields's thoughts on the post:

    Chris Fields: "It wasn't to my liking, but that's okay, because I don't need to like everything that's written about me. But I just want to point your attention to a few things that are blatantly misrepresented."

    City Pages: "In my post?"

    Fields: "Yes, in your post. I did not explicitly call Keith a reverse racist. I didn't. I didn't."

    CP: "Okay, I'm looking at the ad right now, it says, 'reverse racism.' And there's a picture of Keith Ellison next to it."

    Fields: "Okay, it says two words. What about the rest of the words there? I mean, do they count? And I'm not trying to be confrontational here --"

    Photo: Chris Fields.
    Fields says we need to have an "adult conversation" about race.
    CP: "So you're trying to tell me that you're not calling Keith Ellison a reverse racist?"

    Fields: "It says, 'Does Keith--'"

    CP: "Yeah, 'Does Keith Ellison practice reverse racism and racial politics?'"

    Fields: "You decide. You decide."

    CP: "And then you're trying to tell me that in this literature it's not supposed to be answering that question for the people that are reading it?"

    Fields: "I'm putting a set of facts out there, just like everybody else. And I'll tell you this much --"

    CP: "No, no, no. Let me read another part of this. 'Keith Ellison has a double standard for justice: one for blacks, one for whites. That's just wrong.' I mean, c'mon, you're not gonna tell me that you're not trying to say that he's a reverse racist. Why even introduce the term reverse racism?"

    Fields: "Here's the thing, Andy. If we're going to talk about facts -- facts are facts. I said, factually, I did not call him a racist. That's what I'm saying. And then if you want to talk about the actual issue itself, do you believe, Andy, in your heart, mind, and soul, that if Brian Terry were black, and this were the Bush administration, and the attorney general were John Ashcroft -- if those were the cast of players, do you believe that they would have walked out?"

    CP: "That's such a tangential, hypothetical question, that I don't even know why we'd be talking about it. You said we're talking about facts, so let's talk about facts. That was not the situation."

    We got off on a bit of a tangent at this point, where Fields continued his argument by saying that Ellison helped introduce an amendment in the name of Trayvon Martin, but ignored the death of Brian Terry, the white U.S. Border Patrol agent shot on patrol in 2010.

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    Oh, yes. . .I would suspect, like the Black Caucus, that the Tea-Party Caucus votes in a block sometimes too, for Tea-Party Caucus type things.  Isn't that the point of a caucus in congress?  Again, the MB School of Political Discourse in action.


    He'a a graduate of the Michele Bachmann school of Geopolitical Discourse.  Esteemed emeritus professors were Goebbels, Stalin, Geo. Wallace, and of course McCarthy of Michigan.


    The primer is "1984".

    green23 topcommenter

    Does anyone else see a parallel between Fields "just asking the question" about Ellison being a reverse racist, and Bachmann's "just asking the question" about Ellison being an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood?


    Are Fields and Bachmann deceptive slanderers who make the utmost possible use of innuendo in their discourse? You decide.


    But, if you don't decide the way that Fields wants you to decide, aren't you divisively anti-American? You decide.

    green23 topcommenter

    This is bizarre.

    In effect, Fields is saying, "I never said Ellison is a reverse racist. I just listed facts that would lead people to believe that he was a reverse racist. I don't necessarily *believe* those facts, but here's several *more* facts that would lead you to believe that I consider Ellison to be reverse racist". It's completely dishonest and weasel-like.


    I see nothing "uniting" about any of Fields' rhetoric, except that he wants everyone to unite against Ellison.


    Fields has created a straw-man illusion that a House Representative has some kind of immense authority over his District that supercedes mayors, County Boards, and state legislators. Then he  blames Ellison for failing to use this (imaginary) immense authority to solve problems that exist in most urban areas across the nation.


    Fields also seems to have this weird idea that a House Representative, as one of over 500 other Representatives, can make sweeping national changes with a wave of their hand - even if they are in the minority Party.


    Odd, then, that he doesn't hold Republican Representatives Bachmann and Cravaack accountable for failing to solve every national problem with this (imaginary) immense power granted to every single Representative. And these Representatives are in the majority Party.


    "So you are ok with the status quo?"


    Careful, Mr. Fields. You wouldn't want voters in Kline's, Bachmann's, or Cravaack's Districts to be asking that question, would you? Haven't those Representatives failed to magically fix everything? According to you, that's the least we can expect from a House Representative.


    I am not saying Chris Fields has molested little boys. Judge for yourselves. If he hadn't molested little boys, why would people be talking about it? Chris Fields has never denied be a child predator. Doesn't that tell you all you need to know?


    This guy is a goof, and a broken record at that. He was doing better at "Fields didn't respond to a voicemail Wednesday."


    Thank you, Andy and City Pages, for sharing the conversation.  Talking circles, taking illogical leaps in connecting dots, answering directly zero to few questions makes it  appear that  Chris Fields  has been practicing politics for the GOP longer than his 12 month stint living in the 5th Congressional District.  


    However, I do find humor in his request for Keith Ellison to join him for a Chick - Fil - A sandwich. Ramadan? Religious intolerance by family who owns chick - fil - a?  My belief from his past postings, requests, rants, behavior is that he is not prepared to lead the 5th Congressional District.


    To be fair, I did listen to Chris Fields' WCCO interview.  It sealed the deal not to vote for him. Come on women voters please see through the smoke screen.




    Thanks Andy Mannix for actually taking the time to give an accurate description of our conservation.  You got a tough job to do and I appreciate the way you approached this assignment. 


    As discussed I appreciate professionalism.  With regard to media professionalism equals accuracy and relevance.  Your work set high standards and is worth the read!! 

    David Lutchen
    David Lutchen

    Looks like Chris Fields is going to be the new Bachmann wet dream for the editors of the City Pages The Melting Pot - Minneapolis

    MicheleBachmann topcommenter

     @robert7 I've heard that about Chris Fields too, on the internet.  If he isn't a child molestor, why hasn't he given an interview where he denies being a pedophile?


     @NEresident Or perhaps chicken accurately describes Ellison. Afraid to debate and afraid of those who don't agree with him.


     @NEresident So you are ok with the status quo? 


    You are ok with the largest achievement gap in the entire country between black and white students as well as the largest unemployment gap between black and white workers? 


    Do you really expect anything to be different by voting for Keith Ellison, the status quo?


    How long must people who really need the help suffer?


    Is he the best we can do here in the 5th C.D?  I don't think so.


    Blaming the GOP for everything is SO overdone.



    From my understanding there is a debate scheduled at the Minnesota State Fair.  Your point is moot.

    MicheleBachmann topcommenter

     @chris.fields Chris Fields you are exactly what is wrong with Republicans these days as you are a stupid hate filled idiot who only says either stupid or untrue things.  Your whole campaign is based on your hate for Keith Ellison who you can't even talk about without lying or saying something stupid. 




    Where did I state that I am satisfied with the status quo?  I did not.  I assume that this is another leap or another deflection away from you not answering questions directly.  Again, I believe you simply are not the right person to lead the 5th CD.  


    I do not believe that you know or are fully in touch with the 5th CD - so, for now, the status quo (as you call it) is the direction I choose.  Yes, I support teachers, public safety, money for roads, even higher taxes to benefit EVERY person in the 5th CD.  Healthcare for everyone!  YES!  If that is status quo, then that is what I support and the current congressmen supports those issues as well.


    From what I have read and listened, you appear to be "laser beam" focused on racial inequality (only blacks and whites) particularly as you noted above in education and in employment.  I find this an interesting stance to take and a rather general one; but it seems to be your push button.   Have you studied demographics of other populations?  Have you done historical research on how this came about?  Are you soundly knowledgeable from where education support comes and the effects of not financially supporting it?  What is your historical knowledge and global knowledge of education?  Scratch that  last question- I am going to connect a dot on the last part for my answer...very little until you google it or check wikipedia.


    What was stated by you in the WCCO  interview  is that you would support "any good idea"   and would not be held by party lines.  Are you held now?  Do you have any ideas?  Can you put your neck out there and present to the voters of the 5th CD solutions or a solution to the issues you raise?  If you put a solution out to the voters RIGHT NOW it would be much appreciated, but my guesses are 1) you do not have any ideas 2) you do not have any solutions 3) if you had a solid, coherent, educated solution, then it would not follow the GOP rhetoric - and then goes the money, the support, the chance to have another look at me moment.


    Onto the next question....  Keith is currently the best candidate running in the 5th CD for congress.


    Nowhere did I blame the GOP for everything....another inaccurate, absolutist leap by you. 


    Again, I implore voters to do research on YOU, on Keith, on the issues that impact peoples' lives personally but also their neighbors and their community.  Continually playing the race card however you play it is divisive which puts your Beatles tribute of "Come Together"  really about you.


    By the way, welcome to the 5th CD.



     @chris.fields  Still nothing but talk.  All you do is complain about Keith Ellison, but you've never offered an outline of what you'd do differently.


     @WatusiJenkins Excuse me, but have you been paying attention to the last 3.5 years?  All throughout his campaign, Barack Obama stated what he would do differently very specifically.  And in his first term he's accomplished more of what he said he'd do than any other president before him.  Yes, it is slow going, but he doesn't just give up and do whatever he wants once elected.  More than I can say for the last 4 presidents.

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