Christian Montgomery used nude pics, social media to get revenge against his ex-girlfriend

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With a few drinks in him, Montgomery used a cocktail of nude pics and social media to get back at his ex-girlfriend.
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Christian Montgomery, a 20-year-old Lino Lakes resident, was bitter after being dumped by his girlfriend. But instead of simply stewing in his misery, he decided to seek revenge.

One night, after having a few drinks, Montgomery hopped on his computer, created fake Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts under his ex's name... and then posted nude pics of her for the world to see.

According to a CBS report, the fake Twitter profile had 50 followers. So take note, Twitter newbies -- posting nude pics is one way to enhance your Twitter-sphere presence in a hurry.

It didn't take too long for Montgomery's ex to find out what he was up to, and she contacted police. Montgomery was arrested and charged with counts of stalking, defamation, and identity theft.

During questioning by police, Montgomery fessed up to creating the accounts, saying he did so because he felt disrespected after his ex introduced him to Dumpsville. We know the feeling, Christian, but take it from those of us who have been around that block a time or two -- think twice before acting out in blind rage against an ex. After all, getting revenge is never worth spending time in Prisonville.

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