Clinton Corry went berserk when ex-girlfriend blocked him on Facebook, charges say

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Banished from his ex's Facebook world, Corry allegedly kicked in her door.
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Clinton Corry and his ex-girlfriend have a young child together. As is the case with many young adults these days, they've documented their lives and the life of their child on Facebook, posting many pictures.

In June, Corry's ex decided to cut him out of her Facebook world. She blocked him, meaning he could no longer see her profile and the images contained therein. And according to charges recently filed in Clay County, he was none too happy about it.

At about 5 in the morning on June 3, Corry, a 25-year-old Moorhead resident, dropped off his daughter at the place his ex was staying. He returned home and apparently logged on to Facebook, at which point he discovered he no longer had access to her profile. At about 5:45 he returned, irate.

The Fargo Forum details what happened next:
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He and his ex-girlfriend argued for about five minutes before she shut the door and locked it, at which point he allegedly kicked the door once and then left.

The door was split down the middle and pushed away from the frame, cracking the sheet rock, the complaint states. The cost to replace the door and frame was estimated at more than $2,000.

Corry told a police officer that he went to the residence to drop off the child but didn't kick the door, the complaint states.
Corry faces a felony damage to property charge and could spend up to a half-decade in prison. That's a large price to pay for a Facebook defriend, especially considering reconciliation is always only a button click away.

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Also this POS hasn't paid a dime for his two children both under the age of two.


Ha ha then 4 months later he attacks her, in front of their infant child and goes to jail for felony strangulation. Was that just proving a point as well?


He is a felon already that is why he would face 5 yrs or more. 4 months after this incident he attacked her again, in front of their infant child. He is now being charged with felony strangulation, on op of the 3 other felonies he was able to rack up since the above incident. Guess he was just proving his point... Right?


The proof is in leaving without incident.... he made a point didn't hurt anybody... he's better than the 70% of guys who don't see their kids.... seriously not even news.... they should run more mugshots of guys who don't pay child support



5 years for kicking a door and then leaving without any further incident? I think the reality is he will pay the damages, court fees, and then maybe probation for 6 months. 

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