David Carlson savages Kurt Bills in new ad, suggests he wouldn't have ended slavery

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David Carlson sees Mitt as an asset, Ron Paul as a liability.
-- David Carlson, Kurt Bills' GOP primary challenger, is also responsible for an awful trailer [VIDEO]
-- Dave Wellstone calls Kurt Bills' homage to his father "completely disrespectful"
-- Kurt Bills' creepy Staring at the Future political film is laughably bad [VIDEO]

David Carlson is taking a page from the Chris Fields playbook.

Facing long odds in an effort to defeat a political opponent -- in Carlson's case, Kurt Bills, in Fields' case, Keith Ellison -- both candidates have launched blistering attacks in a pull-out-all-the-stops effort to change their respective fortunes.

Carlson -- a 30-year-old former Marine Corps Sergeant and aspiring reality TV star -- is challenging fellow Republican Bills in an August 14 primary, with the winner moving on to face Amy Klobuchar for her U.S. Senate seat in November. Bills has the endorsement of the MNGOP, but that hasn't prevented Carlson from becoming the first candidate to air a TV commercial in the Senate race.

The ad absolutely brutalizes Bills, portraying him as a Ron Paul lapdog that possibly would've allowed blacks to remain enslaved and Hitler to remain in power. Here's a transcript, followed by the footage.
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Carlson is trying to saddle Bills with Ron Paul's baggage.
I'm David Carlson, and I approve this message because you have the right to know.

Kurt Bills is a disciple of Ron Paul, and now he wants to be our U.S. Senator. What would America have looked like if we had President Paul and Senator Bills? Well, 'states' rights first' means no Civil War to free the slaves. It means women and minorities aren't voting. We don't have integration and open schools. Kurt Bills own school could be all male and white. Ron Paul even stated, "Saving the Jews was absolutely none of our business" and that Adolf Hitler was initially a positive force for Germany! In Ron Paul's and Kurt Bills' America, black veterans who are unwanted in a restaurant can be told to leave. Ron Paul even said Martin Luther King Jr. seduced underage girls and boys and was a gay pedophile. Kurt Bills, a devoted supporter of Ron Paul, has already had our senate race called the most mismatched in America.

Minnesota, let's make the battle for our senate seat a serious race and not put up another unelectable, radical candidate. Say no to Ron Paul and Kurt Bills.

From the Star Tribune:
[Carlson's ad] will not have a wide viewing. Carlson said he spent a few thousand dollars to run it in the western and southwestern suburbs. But it could make a mark on Bills, who has struggled in his quest to unseat Klobuchar.
When Carlson first announced he'd compete in the primary, Bills told reporters, "I'm sorry I don't know who he is." We bet Bills still isn't losing any sleep over the prospect of Carlson usurping his spot on November's ballot, but campaign manager Mike Osskopp did respond to Carlson's ad, telling the Strib it's "disappointing and dishonest."

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Kurt Bills is an economics teacher. As an economics teacher, he appreciates Ron Paul's positions on economic issues. That doesn't mean that he agrees with Ron Paul on anything and everything. I'm willing to bet that there are significant differences between them on some issues. David Carlson chooses to jump to totally unwarranted and false conclusions.


The fact is, Kurt Bills was endorsed at the GOP state convention over three other candidates. One of the reasons for this is his solid knowledge of economics. Another is that he is a patriotic American who loves his country. He has broad-based support and is capable of winning a state-wide race. He also is known as a hard worker in the Minnesota legislature.


He deserves our support, not outrageous accusations which no informed person believes.


Carlson is a natural politician - all he does is lie.


Carlson is most likely an Evangelical. The absolute FEAR of Ron Paul in the Evangelical faction which has been squatting inside the Republican Party since the 80's (thanks to Pat Robertson) does NOTHING but cover for Israel. The obsession over Israel and biblical matters has turned the Republican Party into a religious power rather than a political party.


I'll assume that Carlson suffers from this obsession; it is obvious through watching his disgusting ad that he's playing the same game which Fox, CNN, MSNBC have played to avoid facing Ron Paul's power base in next year's national politics. It's not Ron Paul's "foreign policy" which cause these religious fanatics stress, it's Ron Paul's foreign policy as it "effects" Israel's stranglehold on Washington DC.


If you google this Carlson guy, you'll see on his campaign website that he's 100% pro-war on the Mid East, yet he's also pro-Communist China in trade missions. Let's see... he claims to focus on national security, but he encourages the globe's largest Communist anti-American government to move into the American business community. Hmmm...


Can you spell T-r-a-i-t-o-r ? 




The ad is over the top.  The creepiest thing about it is that someone would actually put out an ad like that about anyone who has served as a veteran, and been a public servant as long as Dr. Paul has been.Maybe he's working for the Democrats... 


Standing next to Mittens one can safely say they both look like reality show material.


This kind of bullshit is exactly what is wrong with political campaigns today.  Drawing ridiculous conclusions from a single fact while ignoring all the others brings down all of America.  Those who are too quick to bypass reason and respond to what they're hearing are quickly polarized and become the vocal minority (on both sides) that generate the divisiveness in our country.


Patient and rational people can see right through this type of shit, but unfortunately we appear to be on the decline.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

"It means women and minorities aren't voting."  plus Kurt Bills supports Hitler?    Why would David Carlson make an ad designed to make the Republican base like Kurt Bills more?



 From what I have heard, David Carlson is Catholic. David Carlson does suffer from an obsession; however, his obsession is not with Israel. His obsession is his own self-promotion.


 @fairbalanced Well, that too, but there is a deep-seated fear coming from within the religious Right of Ron Paul. He's probably more Christian than those who wear it on their sleeves in the R Party, because he stands by his ethics and morals without bending. You'd think that the Party would love the guy, but he's been vilified by the NeoCons.


If you listen to them question his views, it's always "his foreign policy" which has them peeing in their loafers. It's obviously not China they are worried about because NeoCon involvement in trade with the Communists has been prolific through beltway lobbying... even though China has an agenda for us which is far more damaging than that of Iran.


This is my opinion based on studying the behavior of pundits who love everything about Ron Paul BUT his foreign policy. Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, many others. The common thread is their Evangelism and/or their rabid protectionism of the Israeli state based on their biblical beliefs. I believe that in the eyes of the religious Evangelicals in control of the R party, Ron Paul is stepping in the way of their own personal salvation regarding their  hands-off mentality on Israel.


Why else would these very intelligent Republicans who espouse everything else Ron Paul stands for, TRASH him on this one issue. It's their religion. It's about Ron Paul's "pull back" on foreign military policy as it relates to Israel. They know he believes that Israel should gain its own sovereignty with its own foreign policy, and this may sound kooky, but I believe that these people have gone a little whacko in their very self-centered passion to achieve personal salvation THROUGH treating Israel as their adopted child in the eyes of God. 


Hypocrites though they may be in the corrupt ways they live- slandering, misrepresenting, propagandizing in order to live out their "mandate", all logic, intelligence and fair play go out the window on their individual quests for the Promised Land. They want it and they want it BAD. Here's an ethical Christian man respecting Israel's value as a nation and people, yet his own party pushes him off a cliff.


Go back and read some of the thoughts and opinions of this Carlson guy. He's a carbon copy of beltway Evangelicals, and if he TRULY cared about the national security and future of his country, WHY would he be so adamantly involved in trade missions encouraging Red Communist Chinese business development within the USA?


Think about it.



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