Delbert Huber, 82-year-old convicted murderer, has an unforgettable mugshot [PHOTO]

delbert and tim huber.jpg
Tim Huber, left, his dad were both charged with first-degree murder in connection with a shooting on a central Minnesota farm.
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Last October, Delbert Huber, then 81 years old, shot and killed Timothy Larson, a beloved teacher at St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West.

On a Saturday morning that month, Huber hopped in a car along with his son, Tim, and drove to a rural Belgrade farm Larson's father owned. Tim had been hired by Larson to do chores around the property, but both he and his father were upset about the difficultly of some of the chores Larson asked Tim, 46, to do. The Hubers also suspected Larson stole $50 from Tim and farm equipment from both men, and Delbert decided to confront his son's employer about it.

The confrontation escalated, and, in a barn, Delbert ended up shooting Larson in the chest with a 303 Enfield rifle. Both Hubers were arrested hours later and charged eventually charged with first-degree murder. Here's what Delbert looked like when he was initially booked into jail:
delbert huber.jpg

Both Hubers initially told investigators that Delbert shot Larson in self-defense after the two started brawling, but Tim's story quickly changed.

From St. Michael Patch
[W]hen Kandiyohi County officials interviewed the two men again Sunday, Timothy Huber told officers there was no brawl. He added that he was told by his father to position the car in the Larson driveway so that it was pointed toward the entrance, in order to leave. He added that his father, Delbert, had never before brought a gun in his car.

Timothy Huber said he heard Larson tell his father that "you aren't supposed to be out here." He then heard arguing, saw gestures and then heard gunfire.

He came out of the barn, and his father said, "That's it," and told Timothy Huber to finish his chores, the complaint states.
Yesterday, as part of an agreement with prosecutors, Delbert pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. He will be sentenced next month. Tim is still awaiting trial for his first-degree murder charge.

No evidence was ever found suggesting Larson took anything from the Hubers.

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