Did Mr. Potato Head Robber strike in St. Louis Park yesterday? [PHOTOS]

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st louis park robbery rect.jpg
A robber brandishes a gun while shaking down a bank teller yesterday in St. Louis Park.
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Around 10 a.m. yesterday morning, a U.S. Bank branch location in a St. Louis Park Byerly's was robbed. Brandishing a gun, a man approached a teller, demanded cash, and then fled on foot. No arrest was made.

The FBI described the suspect as a light-skinned black male just over six-feet tall and weighing approximately 220 pounds. His face, caked with makeup, was adorned with a fake nose.

That description, of course, is awfully reminiscent of the still-on-the-loose Mr. Potato Head Robber connected to six recent metro robberies, including one last month in Fridley and other earlier this month in Minneapolis.

But was the Mr. Potato Head Robber behind yesterday's St. Louis Park heist? At this point, the FBI isn't sure.

You be the judge. Here's a surveillance still of yesterday's Byerly's robbery:

st louis park robbery.jpg
St. Louis Park robbery

For comparison, here's one of Mr. Potato Head in action earlier this month in Minneapolis:

bank robber 3 mpls.jpg

And here he is last month in Fridley:

bank robber 1 fridley.jpg

Considering the Mr. Potato Head robber was also described as being about six feet tall and 200 pounds, it appears likely that yesterday's heist was indeed the fake-nose-wearing bandit's seventh Twin Cities strike, doesn't it?

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