Downtown Minneapolis invaded by Black Hawk helicopters [PHOTOS]

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mpls chopper 4.jpg
Dan Janal on Twitter
"Why are military helicopters flying over Target Field and Minneapolis?"
-- 21-year-old newlywed Minnesotan is 2,000th American to die in Operation Enduring Freedom
-- Chip Craavack objects to proposed mission reduction for Duluth Air National Guard

At the Twins game last night, Black Hawk helicopters created quite the buzz, both literally and figuratively.

The Twins' 1-0 loss wasn't exactly thrilling, but fans were able to distract themselves by watching choppers maneuver in between skyscrapers and hover over rooftops as if they were dropping off troops trying to repel an invasion from St. Paul or something. Meanwhile, some folks who hadn't paid attention to the news yesterday speculated about worst-case scenarios, including terrorism or a hostage situation.

It was just a training exercise, folks, albeit one with a disturbing police-state feel to it. No need to go home and batten down the hatches, at least not yet.

Anyway, numerous images of the training exercise are circulating around social media this morning. Here's a few of the most compelling:

mpls chopper 1.jpg
Tyler Mason on Twitter
"Two military-looking helicopters just flew oddly close to the skyscrapers downtown Minneapolis."

mpls chopper 2.jpg
Courtney Podvin on Facebook
"Three Apache helicopters keep circling dt Minneapolis. I hope this is some routine training exercise....."

mpls chopper 3.jpg
bigboxcar on Instagram
"Four helicopters flew by in the sky just now. Huh. #Minneapolis"

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