Valleyfair power failure leaves some visitors stuck on roller coaster

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Tiger Girl.
Valleyfair experienced an "annoying" and scary power outage on Tuesday.
Valleyfair is one of those things that makes summer in Minnesota just a little more magical. The cotton candy, the water rides, Camp Snoopy. It's all such a dream.

Until you get stranded on a roller coaster.

A 90-minute power outage last night, blamed on equipment breakdown, left Valleyfair visitors temporarily stuck on rides, according to the Star Tribune. The power was out from about 4:30 to 6 p.m. and people were stranded on the Ferris Wheel and the Wild Thing roller coaster.

The amusement park was closed for the rest of the day, but no one was injured, Valleyfair spokesman Todd Larkin told the Strib. A backup generator was used to power the Ferris wheel and evacuate the people on it, and people on the roller coaster evacuated it by walking down stairs on the side.

Sydney Ellerbe, 18, told the Strib she was at the park when the power went out, though she wasn't on one of the rides.

"It was annoying," she said.

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I saw this same thing happen a couple of times on wild thing.   There were two cars at the top of the hill on their way to facing looked like it would be the scariest thing ever to be facing downward for that long!!!


Branden Strot
Branden Strot

so, it should be a good weekend to ride roller coasters since everyone will be too scrrd to ride them? like the last time wild thing broke?

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