Full-body spandex outfits "freaking people out" in Woodbury

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spandex woodbury.jpg
MonkeyMyshkin Flickr
Apparently, there is a possible world there these outfits are cool, and it's called South St. Paul, Minnesota.
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If it is indeed the case that full-body outfits are cool in South St. Paul, then we must ask: What the frack isn't cool in South St. Paul?

A recent police blotter item out of Woodbury is so weird that it received "Police blotter item of the day" honors from Jim Romenesko's national journalism blog.

We'll just let it speak for itself. From the Woodbury Bulletin:
Maybe the dudes meant their outfits get positive attention in South St. Paul, Mars or something. Because unless your legs and buns are exceptionally attractive, we're pretty sure that wearing spandex while out and about here on planet Earth won't score you cool points.

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